Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Bonnie Hunter Mystery 2016 Kick-Off!!!

That amazing scrap quilter/blogger, Bonnie Hunter, runs a free mystery quilt every year between Black Friday and New Years. This year the quilt is called "En Provence". It is inspired by a trip she made to France this year, 2016, especially the fields of lavender she saw there.

This is my first time to sew along with Bonnie and thousands of quilters, via her blog. Here are the paint chip colors for the mystery quilt. It's done as a scrap quilt, so raid one's stash for these colors, and the more variety of fabrics, the better!

The clues come out every Friday. The first clue has been a simple, albeit time consuming one: sew 221 neutral colored 4-patches.

Check out the back, how the seam allowances "spin".

The next clue comes out on Friday, December 2!

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Grace and peace!!!

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Mini Quilt Finishes!

I've been working on a few miniature quilts for my stairway quilt gallery recently. I have 3 finishes to share.

This first is a giant spool of thread, made from 120 different fabrics! The squares finish at 1". The pattern is Vintage Cotton Reel Mini Quilt by Tied With a Ribbon.

I quilted it with matchstick quilting. The backing is a bit of extra-wide backing I have left over from a previous project. It lists the names of colors from the Crayola Crayon box. I bought the original piece from Massdrop. Check out the Quilting Community on Massdrop for some unusual items at great prices.

My next quilt was put together with glue! I cut out the circles, arranged them, glued them down with fabric glue, then pressed them dry with the iron, to set them.

The quilting needs to be heavy in this case, to hold the fabrics in place. I did one of my favorite edge-to-edge freehand motifs on my longarm.

I had a bit more of the Crayola Crayon color names fabric for the backing. That was my last smidgen.

And mini quilt #3 is this Sunburst quilt, done in miniature. The blocks finish at 6". It's made from Liberty of London fabrics, also from Massdrop--a Christmas present from my son!

Binding and backing is this Moda sateen finish fabric, bought from the 200 yen bin at Yuzawaya in Tokyo, Japan. Quilting is a freehand leaf motif.

And here are photos of the stairway quilt gallery so far! The modern wall:

And here's the Japanese & traditional wall:

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Grace and peace!

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Batiks, Bears & Boxes

Here's a quilt I quilted recently for Wendy.  Many of Wendy's quilts are made from batik fabrics. She made this one for her son's bed.

It has a definite modern look to it. The batting is wool, so the quilting shows up great, and it is light, fluffy and warm! I quilted it with an edge-to-edge called "Modernish 3".

The backing is also batik. I changed thread colors three times on this quilt--from light grey to medium grey to dark grey.

Two of my Mother Bears have made it safely to children in Africa!

 It is so much fun to get the photos of the children with one's very own bear in their arms!

This is Operation Christmas Child shoebox collection week! We have been working on them all year and have 50 boxes to turn in. We are taking them to 5 different collection locations, just so they get mixed up a bit and will maybe go to several different countries then.

We have volunteered at the Operation Christmas Child Processing Center in the Twin Cities the last two years. While there, we noticed the fewest boxes were for boys, ages 10 - 14.

We made 25 boxes for that category this year, each including a soccer ball & pump, plus a t-shirt.

Here's a video DD2 put on YouTube--What to pack in a boy's 10-14 year old shoebox.

The next most needed category is for girls, ages 10 - 14. We made 25 boxes for that category, also, each including a knit shirt made by DD2 and a stuffed animal.

And here's her video--What to pack in a girl's 10-14 year old shoebox.

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Grace and Peace!!!

Saturday, November 12, 2016

T-Shirt Quilts I've Made

Who doesn't have a bunch of souvenir t-shirt?! They make great memory quilts. These are t-shirt quilts I've made over the past 3 years.

This quilt was requested by Lori. It was a raffle quilt that raised money for helping families living with ALS in the Sioux Falls area. Lori does all kinds of volunteer work related to ALS and is part of the Walk to Defeat ALS in Sioux Falls every fall.

From more t-shirts she had, Lori had me make this t-shirt quilt for her. She lost her husband to ALS, so she knows what it's like. She has passion and compassion for helping families fighting ALS.

I made this queen size t-shirt quilt for our son. I love how the squares look like they're floating, with a shadow behind them. I saw a quilt like this on Pinterest and made it up from there.

I quilted it with an edge-to-edge--"Bauhaus".

And this one is for our DD2, Susanna, for her high school graduation. It has a total of 45 t-shirts in it!

She has t-shirts in here from her youngest years all the way through her high school days.

Some are from the years we lived in Japan. For her, that was from 9 months old through 11 years old.

I quilted each t-shirt square with a different freehand motif, inspired by the t-shirt logo.

For part of the backing, I purchase 2 yards of label fabric and wrote messages to her, things I want her to think on and remember.

The more one looks at these saying, the more they sink in and we remember to live them and are encouraged by them.

It's been 2 years since her high school graduation and she is making another t-shirt quilt for herself from t-shirts she's gotten since then. Yes, there seems to be a never ending supply of t-shirts! T-shirt quilts are a great way to hold on to memories.

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Grace and peace!

Sunday, November 6, 2016

T-Shirt Quilt Love!

Don't you just love t-shirt quilts?! They're each so unique and interesting. They tell a life story. At least a slice-of-life story. Here's a t-shirt quilt I quilted recently for Laura. It was her first quilt ever! She did a great job.

Laura made this for her son, for his Christmas present. It includes many of his high school and college t-shirts.

And here's one I quilted recently for Lynn.

I love seeing the different quilt settings and color themes people use, often times related to school colors.

Sally made this quilt for her granddaughter's high school graduation. It was her first quilt, also! Her granddaughter, Torrey, graduated in May of 2016 and is currently on the WORLD RACE! The World Race is a one year mission trip to many countries. You can find her blog here--she is currently in Ecuador. Susanna, our DD2, is planning on going on the World Race herself, sometime in the near future.

This is Jennifer's quilt--with t-shirts from the many Spartan Races she's participated in. It was also her first quilt. Her analysis--it's easier to run a Spartan Race than make a quilt!!! I think that might depend on the person!!!

Here's a quilt I quilted for Norinda. It was a retirement gift for the principal of the school she works at, in Garretson, SD. It included an entire polo shirt front!

These are all client quilts--they made the quilt tops and I quilted them. Next time I will post photos of the t-shirt quilts I've made, start to finish.

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Grace and peace!
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