Saturday, May 28, 2016

Quilting a Quilts of Valor

With this being Memorial Day weekend, I'd like to post some photos of a Quilts of Valor that I quilted for my friend, Wendy. She started a Quilts of Valor group this year, called St. Paul Stitcher. They made this quilt top one Saturday:

I quilted it with an edge-to-edge design called Allegiance, stars and waving stripes.

Love the quilt design, with the stars tucked in the centers.

We honor those who have served our country through military service and have passed. Because of them, we have freedom.

Part of the remembrance on Memorial Day in Cottage Grove:

Grace and Peace to you.


  1. Love this quilt. Beautiful colors and design. Great Quilting!!

    1. Thank you, Margaret. It's going to a great cause. So thankful for all those who have served.


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