Saturday, September 24, 2016

Colorful Quilts & Teddy Bears

This colorful quilt was made by my sister! She used a wedge ruler.

I quilted an edge-to-edge design on it called "Bosa Nova".

It is a beautiful, happy, throw size quilt.

Backing from Connecting Threads.

This cheerful quilt was also made by my sister, Bonnie. She made it for her dear friend's sister, who had surgery and was recovering at her sister's home. Jolynn's favorite color is yellow:

I quilted it was an edge to edge design called "Slipstitch"--I think it looks like knitting!

Three of my Mother Bear teddy bears were given out recently to children in Africa. Here are photos of the children who received my bears:

Amy, the director of Mother Bear Project, sends photos to teddy bear makers, as well as all of the photos being posted on the website.

I made these bears in a batch of ten. They all had blue pants and various peach & white striped shirts.

Grace and peace!


  1. The colors in the top quilt are so cheerful-just made me smile this morning. Actually you entire post made me smile, thanks for sharing these quilts and your bears.

    1. Thanks, Kathy! Modern fabrics are so colorful and happy. And those children, THAT'S happy!

  2. You have two great quilts there. I really like the quilting on the first one!

    1. Thank you, Nancy! Both of these quilts just make me happy to look at.


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