Saturday, March 4, 2017

A Quilty Week!

This is Karen's first quilt to take to a longarm quilter--very bright and happy! I enjoyed quilting it.

The back has these nostalgic  words all over: homemade cherry pie, stacks of quilts, mason jars, clothes on a clothesline, strawberry jam, forget-me-nots, make do or do without, chickens, jumping rope, milk bottles, flour sacks, calico shirts, etc.:

She chose "Blooming Stars" for the quilting. A very modern, fun rail fence quilt.

Mary made this elegant table topper out of batiks!

She chose Asian Gingko for the quilting. I love it--reminds me of the streets lined with gingko trees all over Japan.

I'm just putting a corner peek in of this quilt I quilted for someone else this week, as it's a special gift for a lucky guy who hasn't seen it yet. I quilted it with a new edge-to-edge design called "Loopy Over You". Super cute quilt!!! And so many special fabrics!

On Thursday night, Dawn Cook-Ronningen spoke at Minnesota Quilters. What a fabulous talk! She spoke about the history of hexagon quilts and showed us many hexagon quilts dated from the early 1800 through recent history.

I thought it was interesting that the Quakers made their quilts from silk and wool, as they were abolitionists and did not want to purchase cotton from plantations. If you have a chance to hear her speak and see her quilts, don't miss it! This is one of her photos:

In my own studio this week, my Quilt Minnesota 2016 top is pieced. I will add a border. The pattern is Layer Cake Lattice available here. I added sashing, inspired by this one that Eleanor made.

Here's a close-up of some of the Minnesota-inspired prints. The sunfish were especially colorful and flew out the quilt shop doors!

With March here, spring is on it's way! Here's one of my butterfly quilts. I taught women in Tokyo and Yukigaya how to make this quilt, so there are about a dozen similar butterfly quilts hanging in churches there. Looking forward to the butterflies!

Grace and peace!  ~Nancy

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  1. Karen's quilt was very pretty. Would have loved to hear that talk.

  2. So many lovely finishes here. I didn't know Friends avoided cotton. What an interesting talk. Thanks for linking with Kaleidoscope of Butterflies.

  3. Lovely quilts. Thanks for adding where you got the inspiration for the sashing from, I find it interesting to see how other quilters influence and inspire each other.

  4. I love those butterflies! I made one similar with the blanket stitch all around. I modeled it after one I inherited from my grandmother.

    On another note...I didn't know that tidbit about Quaker quilts made from wool and silk. I have some Quaker ancestors way, way back in the family tree.

    On another do beautiful quilting.

  5. Love your design on the first quilt. A cute combination of curved edges and a design. And the dripping icicles is so appropriate. I am envious of your longarm.


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