Monday, June 4, 2018

June Minikins Challenge ✅

Sara at Sew Sweetness is having a different challenge each month with her Minikins patterns. The Minikins are 12 patterns of small bags, with step-by-step videos, that are fun to make, use and give as gifts.

The Minikins challenge for June is the Zeppelin Pouch, a bag that can be used as a cosmetic bag, shaving bag, toiletry bag, or just about anything you might want in a bag! I made two of them:

I made my first one out of this Tula Pink's All-Stars print:

The pattern calls for Annie's Soft and Stable, unquilted. But as quilters we know any fabric is better when it's quilted, so I put it on my longarm:

The back side:

A bit of "pleather" for the handle:

And lined with Tula Pink's Pom Poms:

My second version is made from suede-look "pleather". I made this one for my Dad for Father's Day, pictured here with a Chickadee he carved and a sewing stiletto his carving buddy made for me:

This fabric is so stiff that it doesn't need Soft and Stable. It's also impossible to press, due to the man-made material and it's extra thickness. I used Sara's tip to get sharp edges on fabric that can't be pressed, like leather, vinyl, cork, etc.--put Wonder Clips on the edges overnight. It worked wonders!

I had to topstitch the bottom seam open, to make it lie flat:

The handle is part of the original design. I added a tab on the other end of the zipper:

The inside lining is pheasant fabric that I covered with Heat'n Bond Iron-On Vinyl. That made a very crinkly and slippery surface. But it does make it even more useable as a shaving bag:

You can find sew many variations of the Zeppelin Pouch at Sara's link-up here. Check it out now, and again at the end of the month, to see all the Zeppelins made for the June challenge!
Grace & peace!!! ~Nancy


  1. Hello Nancy! Wow! The bags came out really nice! Your dad will be tickled with his shaving bag! Smart idea to add vinyl to the interior! Thank you for sharing!

  2. Fantastic bags, great job! Thanks for the tip on using the clips. I just got some for the first time and I am finding they have a lot of uses!

  3. I have not used Soft and Stable-it didn't give you any fits when quilting it? That chickadee is awesome, looks just like a real bird! Good tip about the wonder clips.

  4. I used Soft and Stable when I made the Jolly Braid tote and I really liked working with it. I love this pouch; I think I might need to give it a try, but not in pleather. You made yours look so easy though (the pleather one). That Tula Pink bag is adorable! I agree that your dad's chickadee is amazing!

  5. Super little bags! Your Dad will love his new shaving kit :)
    louise dot hornor at gmail

  6. Wow! those bags look amazing! Thanks for linking to Monday Making

  7. Love your Tula version the best out of all the bags! I am so tempted to try one myself.

  8. Wonderful bags, especially love the one you mad for your father. I always forget about the vinyl, but that is a perfect use for it.

  9. Wowzer, I am so impresses with these bags, especially the one for your father. The pleather one turned out wonderful, I am so sure your father will love it and the thought that you made it. Did you inherit his crafty genes? I'm not sure about working with pleather but I do have a stash of Kraftex which I one day will make something functional with it. I hope you win the drawing.

  10. They look so great! I especially love the Tula Pink one, and lining it with Pom Poms is the cherry on the cake.

  11. whoa! They look so great! The wonder clip trick is genius! okay okay you are convincing me with each minikins post that I must get the pattern bundle! They are just so darling!

  12. Oh my!! These are super. Love the quilting on the Tula fabric, the bags are great but, the quilting makes it look so professional. I just love Sara's bag's!

  13. Congratulations on two professional looking bags.

  14. Both are very professional! Thank you for sharing all the details, especially the clover clips for pressing the pleather!


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