Thursday, September 20, 2018

Bloggers Quilt Festival 🍂 Fall 2018, Part 2

Every fall Amy Ellis, over at Amy's Creative Side, hosts an online quilt show for bloggers and Instagramers. Two entries per person, and they can be any quilt finished in the past year. Visit Amy's site here to enter your quilts and take in the whole quilt show.

My second entry is this mystery quilt. The quilt shop where I work, Quilt Cove, gives out free mystery quilt clues to all who attend the monthly "Quarter Inch Club". These are mystery quilts by Debbie Caffrey and have 6 clues.

The patterns call for 3 or 4 fabrics in light, medium light, medium dark and dark. Always trying to use stash, I pick a border fabric and choose my colorways from there, making my quilt scrappy. In this quilt I used white, orange, green and purple, all fabrics from Japan.

I finished this quilt off with a mock piped binding. You can find directions on how to machine finish a quilt with mock piped binding here.
Here's my quilt hanging at the county fair back in August. I received a blue first place ribbon (even if it is hanging upside down, as is evidenced by the fan quilting design!)
And here's a peek into the future--we're on clue 2 of the current mystery quilt. Here's the border fabric I'll be using:
The three colors I'm using are indigo, golden brown and white with indigo prints, all purchased in Japan:
You can see my first entry into the Bloggers Quilt Festival here. Thanks for stopping by!
Grace and peace!!! ~Nancy

Linking up to the Bloggers Quilt Festival, Confessions of a Fabric Addict.


  1. Oooh, your new mystery will be fabulous with those fabrics! Of course, I'm partial to all fabrics Asian. Using a border fabric for color inspiration is smart.

  2. Oh, I love the color combo for the next quilt! See you soon!

  3. You have used some wonderful fabrics in this quilt! So lovely!

  4. Nancy, I love the Japanese fabrics! They make this quilt so spectacular. My mom made Kiersten a graduation quilt from Asian prints, and it’s quite stunning as well. The fabrics in your new quilt are lovely. The soothing colors are my cup of tea.

  5. I love the fabrics and always amazed with your Asian stash. I don't remember seeing this quilt and you did a great job choosing fabrics without knowing what you were going to make. Love the orange fabrics and can't wait to see the second mystery quilt.

  6. Oh I love this beautiful quilt over spilling with gorgeous pattern and happy colour; just spectacular! The Japanese scene fabric is lovely. Oooh....fabric purchased whilst in jealous.

  7. Lovely quilt and perfect as an entry for the quilt festival.
    Gorgeous fabrics for the next one you lined up.


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