Wednesday, September 22, 2021


Welcome to my day on the Scrappy Improv Quilting book blog hop! Here's the quilt I made, "Downpour", which I call "Raindrops On Roses"!!! 
Quilt Info:
Pattern: "Downpour" from Scrappy Improv Quilting by Kelly Young of My Quilt Infatuation blog
Finished Size: 24" X 24"
Batting: Quilters Dream Poly
Thread: Glide--Light Grey
Quilting: Raindrops On Water from Three Sisters Fabric 
Interesting Info: Kelly emailed a number of quilt bloggers asking us if we'd like to participate in a blog hop for her new book--YES!!! I replied! At the time we were on vacation driving across Nevada and only rarely had internet connection. She asked us which quilt we'd like to make. I picked a couple. But they were taken by others who had better internet connections than I did! It came down to the final two quilts and I chose "Downpour".

Here are the 22 mini quilts from the book, plus a bonus project. Kelly's original "Downpour" is the fifth row down, second quilt in. ⤵️
Rain can be a welcomed thing, especially in a drought like we had in Minnesota this summer. But generally a rain quilt is not everyone's first choice. I was talking about this with my DH, who is a seasoned quilt husband. He said, why not make it one of the world's favorite things--"raindrops on roses"--you know, from The Sound of Music song!

So, meet my quilt, "Raindrops On Roses". We hunted out a rose garden for photos! Minneapolis has the second oldest public rose garden in the US: Lyndale Park Rose Garden, adjacent to Lake Harriet, established in 1907. Even in mid-September there were many roses in bloom!
Kelly has such clear, simple instructions in her book, that anyone can do improv! She has the quilter start out with four scraps that you keep adding to. If they get mixed up, it doesn't matter! Eventually the four improv segments are added together to make one large slab. ⤵️ After that, simply cut out your quilt pieces from your slab!
I added a 2" border to my quilt, using the same fabric as my background fabric, so that my raindrops don't touch the binding. Also, I wanted to bring my quilt up to 24" square so I can hang it on my front door in season. This is my 9th front door quilt! 
The quilting, "Raindrops On Water" was a natural choice! Even the binding reminds me of raindrops!!! ⤵️
The backing fabric is "Dashflow" in Raspberry. ⤵️
I will definitely be making more of these fun improv mini quilts! Check out all the quilts on the Scrappy Improv Quilting blog hop!!! Two different quilts are featured every Monday and Wednesday. It started on September 13th and continues until October 20th!!! Especially make sure and check out Anja's quilt today @ Anja Quilts blog.

Thanks, Kelly, for designing such a fun, easy-to-follow improv book and so many mini quilt patterns!!! 

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Grace and peace!!! ~Nancy


  1. Raindrops never looked lovelier and perfect setting among the roses. Not only do you have The Master Quilt Holder but you have a Creative Director too. Love the color choice for the background and the quilting is perfect as usual. This is going to look beautiful on your door—April Showers?

  2. Such a beauty Nancy! I think of the song 'Rain Drops keep falling on my head'.

  3. This is awesome. I love the quilting. I want a proper longarm (I have a Pfaff mounted to a frame). The pink is so bright and vibrant. Well done.

  4. I love your Downpour quilt, and I LOVE the name! It is just perfect! And your low volume improv is so beautiful! Thank you so much for participating in the blog tour for the book.

    :) Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation

  5. Beautiful finish. The raindrops glitter like gems. That quilting is a favorite of mine too.

  6. Raindrops on Roses is beautiful, Nancy! You chose a gorgeous background color and I love how it contrasts with the neutral raindrops. You found the perfect place for photographs, too!

  7. Oh, I love the pink background, and you have the perfect name and location to show off this quilt! That quilting design is so cool!

  8. It would never have occurred to me to go with this palette for this quilt (kudos to your DH!), but it's so pretty! Can I place a request that you post a pic of it when it's on your front door?!

  9. Beautiful quilt and great photos!!

  10. Lovely. the quilting definitely added movement to the quilt. Love you photo with the single rose, it looks like its actually part of the quilt. Thank you for always linking up to Put your foot down.

  11. I love the raindrops! And it is such a bonus that you could make it to fit your door - a perfect door quilt. I love the puddle effect of the quilting.

  12. Very pretty quilt and I really love your photos. Nice!!!

  13. Hi,
    Love the Raindrops on bright and cheerful. The colors
    you used all seem to be happy together. Have a great day!

  14. Oooh! I love it! Great color choices, quilting, and photos!

  15. You did a beautiful job sewing Raindrops on Roses. It will look fantastic hanging on your front door.

  16. What a perfect name for a beautiful quilt; your creative assistant needs to hire out. I love all the "drops" incorporated in the pattern, the fabrics, the quilting - beautiful work!

  17. Hooray, you got to the link! I was just about to send it to you - thanks for linking up!

  18. Gorgeous! I just love that pink, so vivid and the white-on-white scraps are beautiful and make the raindrops glow. Perfect quilting too! Love it!

  19. Your raindrop on roses is spectacular. And the photo shoot really is wonderful. Last but not least your choice of quilting just finishes it off fabulously. I may have to think about getting that design. (Much later -- must get my backlog of quilting done over the next few weeks!) Have a great weekend.

  20. The quilting elevates the quilt. I love how the spirals overlap and are of different sizes.

  21. OWO Beautiful quilt and gorgeous quilting, Nancy.
    Love the photos with the pink Roses.

  22. What a great version of Downpour! The neutral raindrops take this quilt in a whole different direction! I was a lucky winner of Kelly’s book, and I’m working on Birds of a Feather. I’m going to try to quilt it myself! I love improv, crumb quilting! Kelly’s book is great with these smaller quilts!

  23. That is a lovely result. The background colour is gorgeous. Works so well with your raindrops!

  24. Your quilting really complimented the design! Congrats! Hugs - send rain here please! LOL

  25. Such a pretty quilt! Love your take on it. That background color goes so perfectly with the roses you found. Thanks for sharing on Wednesday Wait Loss.

  26. This is so pretty, and in my favorite color too! The quilting is the perfect design for this.

  27. I think your raindrops look more like diamonds ;) And the pink background is so fun! xo

  28. Love your version of Downpour! So pretty!
    And a great photoshoot!

  29. Beautiful quilt, I love the bright and lovely pink color! Great improv work too. Great and very appropriate scenery ;))


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