Sunday, June 12, 2016

My Quilt Won a Ribbon!!!

My "Tsukubai" quilt won an Honorable Mention ribbon at the Minnesota Quilters Quilt Show!!! Actually, it won two ribbons: one for me, the piecer, and one for Angela Walters, who quilted it for me!

My description reads: "My arrangement of 100 modern blocks is inspired by an old Japanese coin with kanji reading: 'All I have is sufficient for me'."

I entered it in the Modern category. Here are the other Modern category winners.

This was 3rd place, pieced and quilted by Renelle Kunau, of Maple Grove, Minnesota:

Second place, Modern category, pieced and quilted by Sylvia Satermo, of Athens, Georgia:

And first place, Modern category, pieced and quilted by Rebecca Smith, of Rapid City, South Dakota:

I had two other quilt in the show, although not in competition. The following is my Minnesota Quilters 2015 Paint Chip Challenge. We drew an envelope with three paint chips in it and created something quilted using those three colors. I used Denyse Schmidt Modern Solids, that I bought from Massdrop. The design is called Copper Boom by The Cozy Pumpkin. You'll find her free tutorial here. You can see my paint chips at the bottom of my quilt. I custom quilted it--figure 8 quilting is one of my favs!


I made this baby quilt for the 2016 Minnesota Quilters President's Challenge. Martha Eaves, our president, asked us to make a baby quilt with a butterfly theme, using butterfly fabrics, butterfly blocks or butterfly quilting. I used Sew Kind of Wonderful's Urban Abacus pattern, minus the sashing, and some of the many butterfly fabrics I have. These butterfly baby quilts will all be donated to community baby showers for those in need. There were over 90 quilts made!

And this colorful butterfly baby quilt was made by my Quilting Cousin, Sue Weiby--she used Chenille By the Yard for the body of the butterflies, and fabric designed by Amanda Jean Nyberg, aka Crazy Mom Quilts:

Grace and peace!


  1. I loved seeing your quilt at the show! So wish I had run into you there. Your work is wonderful. It was fun for me to know the WHOLE story about how Angela Walters ended up quilting for you.

    1. Would've loved to have run into you at the show, too! It was so much fun, so much to take in, in one short day. Thanks for your comment!

  2. No wonder it was an award winner! Unusual design~
    Popped by from Finish it up Friday.

    1. Thanks, Tami! It was easier to arrange the blocks like a Japanese coin, than kanji, although we tried that too!


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