Saturday, June 11, 2016

Three More Quilts For Jan

On May 25, 2016, I posted about a Christmas Cactus quilt I custom quilted for Jan. Here are three more quilts I just finished quilting for her:

The first is a pinwheel design.

This edge to edge design is called "Oma's Garden".

I love how random this design looks. The pattern is shifted with each row, so the repeat is every 52"!

Backing fabric is from Quilt Cove, where I work part-time. Quilt Cove is said to have the best selection of extra-wide backing around.

Another pinwheel quilt:

This edge to edge design is called Windy Meander. It's also a shifting pattern, so the repeat is every 52". I love doing this pattern.

Backing fabric is pieced--chicken wire!

And Jan's third quilt here is a wallhanging. She said they were leftover blocks from a mystery quilt that she had made smaller than the instructions said.

Quilting is Feathered Curls.

Backing is pieced and shows off the quilting in Lilac colored thread great!

Thanks, Jan, for letting me quilt for you!!!

Grace and peace to all!


  1. That's a lot of quilting! I especially like the quilting pattern in the first quilt. It's unique - to me anyway. I also love how the border finishes off the second quilt. Three lovely finishes!

  2. Hi Karen! That first edge-to-edge design, Oma's Garden, is by Sophie Collier. She's a member of our local machine quilters guild and has great edge to edge designs with super long repeats--they look very random.


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