Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Mystery Clue #2

The Bonnie Hunter En Provence mystery quilt is in full swing now, and us quilters are having a blast! Clue #2 came out on Friday, December 2nd, and here are my results--100 pyramid-like 3 1/2" squares, made from scraps!

Here's a view of me working away in our sewing studio, while watching Bonnie's quilt cam.

This clue uses the Tri Recs rulers:

I learned this tip from Bonnie's quilt cam--sew two pairs at a time, the engine and the caboose. That kept everything in neat, tidy order.

And here's clue #1 and #2 sitting side-by-side in a Costco project box. Clue #3 comes out on Friday, December 9th.

Linking up to Quiltville Link-up Party. I am #144.

Grace and peace!!!

1 comment:

  1. Thanks!!! I wonder exactly how many of us are doing this quilt right now?!


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