Friday, May 19, 2017

A Tale of Two Quilts

My friend and former next door neighbor, Mary, recently moved. She has a new set of extra-long twin beds that she wanted quilts for. 

Her inspiration for what she wanted was this rainbow chevron quilt photo she found online, made by Red Pepper Quilts.

From that photo I set to work. I started out with 6 1/2" squares in 5 different colorways.

This is 560 half-square triangles. I squared them up to 5 1/2", or 5" finished.

Here they are, being arranged on the design wall, which wasn't long enough to put them all up at once!

Webbed together, as Bonnie Hunter calls it: when the blocks are chain pieced together in one direction--in this case, the horizontal seams, without the threads cut between blocks. The chain pieced threads will hold the quilt together while sewing the vertical seams.

Quilting! I used an edge-to-edge design called Windy Meandering by Sophie Collier. It has a long repeat, looks very random, is evenly spaced and has a variety of swirls.


I used the 5 colors of the quilt for a scrappy binding.

Each quilt finishes at 70" X 100", standard quilt size for extra long mattresses.

Here they are finished and hanging on my longarm...

The backs, with labels in the bottom corners...

A close-up of the backing fabric...

And the finished quilts!!!

The quilts are delivered. Mary sent this photo of the quilts in her new guest room!!! Thanks for sending the photo, Mary!!!

Grace and peace!!! ~Nancy

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  1. I've evidently been under a rock, quilting away -- I've never heard of the webbing method! I'm going to have to try that. I love the colors of the quilts, and you can never go wrong with chevrons, in my opinion! You picked just the right quilting design too. Nice!

  2. Love them! Very fun quilts for that room.

  3. Wow, what great results! These are beautiful, and they look great in that room. Well worth all those half-square triangles!

  4. Hi Nancy,
    These are just beautiful. You did a wonderful job - love the fabrics you chose, and the quilting. It's so nice to see them on the beds. ~smile~

  5. I love how they look side by side in her room! Such nice bright quilts!

  6. Hi Nancy, you did a really great job! They look wonderful.

  7. Wow, you did such a fantastic job! I love chevrons, and I love rainbows, so you can imagine how I feel about rainbow chevrons! And the quilting is just beautiful, I can't get enough of swirls.

  8. What wonderful quilts! Love the rainbow fabrics and the chevron design. I, too, use the "web method" and think it makes sewing the blocks together go so much faster.

  9. Ditto to what everyone else said!! You have done a great job, such a lovely pair of bright and happy quilts.

  10. Rainbowy anything are eye catchers. Beautiful finishes! I love these!

  11. Marvelous! You are a wonderful friend to help with this big project!

  12. Great job! I really like your quilting choice. Thanks for sharing with TGIFF!

  13. Very pretty! I love the colors! They look great on the beds, side by side.

  14. You just had enough floor space for this lovely quilt! Thank you for sharing on Midweek Makers


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