Thursday, June 15, 2017

I is for...

Wendy made this great quilt for her son, Isaac's high school graduation! 

Loading it up on my APQS Freedom...

The quilt pattern is called "I-Strip" by Gudrun Erla. Wendy made use of her Stripology ruler and cut from her stash.

The quilting is "Bauhaus" done in King Tut, Lapis Lazuli, a variegated colorway. Backing is a mottled blue.

I is for Isaac--the perfect quilt for your young man, Wendy! Congrats to him!

As I was quilting that day, it looked like snow was falling from the sky. We have 3 big cottonwood trees in the woods behind our home. Here's a video of the "summer snow".

Grace and peace!!! ~Nancy


  1. What a clever idea for a quilt, and great colors for a guy! We have one cottonwood in our backyard, and we have the same thing going on. Puts a damper on dinner on the deck, unless you want cottonwood fluff in your salad :-)

  2. I love it! The Stripology ruler is my favorite ruler, I pull it out whenever I can. The quilting pattern is so cute, all those boxes, perfect for a modern quilt!

  3. The quilt is fun and fits someone named Isaac quite well. The quilting design suits the top very nicely. As for those cottonwoods, we've got them around here, too. It looks like it's snowing for about two weeks around here every May. --Andrea

  4. Not to be redundant, I love this quilt and your quilting is wonderful; I love the quilt pattern you used. I just bought Gudrun's book "Strip Your Stash" and it has a lot of great patterns. Thanks for sharing!


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