Friday, June 16, 2017

Two Sided T-Shirt Quilt

Laura has a tradition of making t-shirt quilts for the high school graduates on her cul-de-sac. 

This young woman had so many t-shirts that she made it a two-sided quilt!

The quilting is "Cinnamon".

This "San Diego" block is super cute and was the only one that had raised applique and had to be worked around. 

The borders and backing fabric is a batik from Quilt Cove.

Laura said this is the last graduate on her street, so her last t-shirt quilt for now. Great job, Laura!!!

Grace and peace!!!  ~Nancy


  1. Wow, that is an amazing quilt. The young woman was a busy one, by all the differing shirt fronts/backs I see, and it sure makes for a fun quilt. What a thoughtful idea, to make quilts for the grads in her cul-de-sac. Well done, Laura!

  2. Wow, double-sided? That is really, really cool! That is so generous of Laura to make T-shirt quilts for graduates, that must be so much work!

    Nancy, do you float your T-shirt quilts or are they too heavy for that?

  3. Great quilt and great quilting. So nice to have this as a tradition!


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