Sunday, July 30, 2017

Hedgehog Baby Quilt

Isn't this a sweet and simple baby quilt?!! Sherri made it for a baby boy that will make his grand entrance in September.

The hedgehog fabrics come from Quilt Cove, where I work a couple days a week. The quilting is "Labyrinth".

This quilt is 44" X 39 1/2" and uses the full width of the fabric.

The backing is flannel and the batting is 100% cotton, so this quilt is super soft!

Such a simple, elegant baby quilt. Great job, Sherri!

Grace and peace!!! ~Nancy

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  1. I totally agree, simple, yet elegant! Great job quilting too!

  2. Yes simple and elegant and I love the quilted curvy shapes, very hedgehog like.

  3. Sometimes, simple is best! I love the texture of the quilting - it looks scrumptious. :)

  4. It's so beautiful! The quilting on this quilt is beautiful! I am binding a quilt made with a flannel backing and really like it! Thank you for sharing!


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