Tuesday, June 11, 2019

⾚ Red Fuji πŸ—»

Meet my entry for the 2019 Global Inspiration MQ Challenge! If you're going to the Minnesota Quilters Annual Show in Rochester, MN, over the next few days, June 13- 15, look for my quilt in the Fabric Challenge section:
The challenge fabric packet came with 4 Cherrywood fat quarters--red, blue, light green and yellow. We could add 4 international fabrics, plus a white or a black fabric. More than 50% of the quilt had to be the Cherrywood fabrics.
Mount Fuji is the most popular art subject in Japan, so that's immediately where my mind went when the challenge was introduced. My inspiration comes from a famous woodblock print by Hokusai, called "Red Fuji", also known as "Fine Wind, Clear Morning", created in 1832:

I used an app called "Pixelizator" to pixelate the original picture:

From there I had to clearly graph out my quilt as the number of fabrics I could use was limited. I broke the quilt up into 2" blocks, with each square finishing at 1/2". This is the top 5/8ths of the quilt:

The piecing took a lot of time and adjustments, trying to simplify the picture as I went:

Once I had Mount Fuji done, I had to figure out how to get the yellow fabric in the picture, since we were required to use all 4 Cherrywood fabrics:

I decided to do "matchstick" quilting, freehand on my longarm:

Close-up of the "matchstick" quilting:

I added the Japanese signature seal/stamp, to the best of my pixelating ability:

The backing is red, gold and indigo mountains, a fabric purchased in Japan that also resembles a woodblock print:

Quilt info:
Maker: Nancy @ Grace and Peace Quilting
Pattern: Self designed based on Hokusai's "Red Fuji" woodblock print
Fabric: 4 Cherrywood fabrics + 4 Japanese fabrics + white
Size: 18" X 27"
Quilting: Matchstick, 1/8" spacing--freemotion quilting
Thread: 100 wt. Invisifil--Bright Red
Batting: Quilter's Dream Poly
Backing: Red mountain fabric from Yuzawaya, Japan
Interesting fact: I originally imagined making an indigo Mount Fuji, but the "deep" color challenge packet was sold out and I got the "bright" color packet. With that, I reimagined my project and made "Red Fuji" instead.

We visited the Japanese gardens at Como Zoo to get some photos of my finished quilt in Japanese surroundings.

BTW, I used Laura's solution on how to take quilt photos on any wall.

Grace and peace!!! ~Nancy

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  1. What an amazing quilt. It was so interesting to hear the whole process of how you made it. I love how you photographed it! Excellent job!

  2. Nancy it is beautiful. I love how you changed it up based on the available colors. The pixelating process is very interesting.

  3. Oh, how I wish I was going to be at the show so I could see your quilt! You did a great job on it! Those are really small pieces in that quilt - yikes! It turned out great, and the photos at Como are really nice!

  4. I'll be sure to look for it. You had your creative hat on for this one for sure. It is just awesome how you made it all come together!

  5. This is amazingly creative, Nancy! The bones of the original artwork are clear as day in your piece, and I love how the pixelation gives it such a modern twist. Add in the limited colors and you really rocked this one! Great job :)

  6. Amazing, and SO 細かい!

  7. So beautiful. The process you went through is always a so helpful. The matchstick quilt is perfect. Do you use channel lock? Hope it does well in your challenge - it should. Have fun at the show!

    1. Oh, and those pictures are all so terrific. You sure enjoyed the photo session.

  8. WOW!!!! Love it! I really like the red interpretation, even though it might not have been your original plan. The kinny yellow border to use that 4th fabric was a great inspiration. I think of it like the sunlight all around. I use Laura's method for quilt photos, too!!! Works great!! You have such a lovely setting for your photos!

  9. Thanks for linking up to TGIFF! I

  10. It's so brilliant there's an app for that. I would have tried to map the mountain out myself (a lofty goal indeed!) ... and likely never gotten around to finishing that step, let alone actually sewing the project.

    I know you used the yellow because you were required to, but it's really a game changer here. It frames and brightens the overall piece, taking your design another step away from the original and toward a more modern finish. Well done!

  11. Oh what a pretty little quilt! Very colorful and modern. I love pixels.

  12. This is a really fun piece. I love your interpretation, right down to the modern interpretation of the seal :)
    I am glad you were required to use the yellow. I wouldn't have thought it, but it is the perfect addition to make the rest sing!

  13. Those photos in the garden are perfect! Congratulations on meeting this challenge! So wonderful. Thanks for sharing on Wednesday Wait Loss.

  14. It's an amazing quilt!! Great colours and the matchstick quilting looks fabulous.


  15. My favorite pic of this quilt is the one where you are holding it. Very interesting wall quilt. Nicely done!

  16. That is a great challenge result. How creative to add the yellow as border and binding! And though pixelation looks simple I guess it was pretty difficult. Your pieces look so tiny xo Melanie

  17. That is funny, I did the very same Mt Fuji last year for a Challenge! Mine looks different though! LOL

  18. How did i miss this? Pixel art, I love it. This is just too cool! And it looks like it was a *lot* of work too!


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