Thursday, March 12, 2020

🌾Meadowland 🌾Number 4--The Challenge!

As a Minnesota Quilter, we have a fabric challenge category in our annual quilt show. This year there are "Warm" and "Cool" fabric packet options. Can you tell which one I chose:

The "Warm" challenge packet comes with 4 fat quarters: the floral below right, plus the lower 3 fabrics. We can add 3 other fabrics, for me, the upper three FQs below, plus a background fabric which I didn't add since I treated my floral print as the background:

Quilt Info:
Pattern: Meadowland by Then Came June--downsized from 16" blocks to ➡️ 6" blocks
Fabric: Minnesota Quilters 2020 Challenge Fabrics--Warm
Size: 24" X 24"
Quilting: 1/8" Matchstick quilting
Batting: Quilters Dream Batting, Poly
Thread: top--Superior Metallics, Rose Gold, and bottom--Glide 60 weight, Mocha 
Fun Fact: In order to keep the floral fabric intact, I cut the 4 corner squares as 1. I was totally inspired by @evquilts on Instagram and her quilt, here and here.
I double dipped on this quilt and made it as part of the Meadowland QAL, ending this week, on week 6. Here are my weeks 1 through 5 posts for the Meadowland Quilt Along:

I love doing matchstick quilting! I found some Rose Gold metallic thread and spaced my matchstick quilting 1/8" apart:
This is all hand guided, as you can see close-up. I love the imperfections--they make the quilting look more human:
We visited the Como Park Conservatory and Zoo and took some "quilts in the wild" photos:
The giraffes were especially interested in checking out my quilt that day!
Look for my challenge quilt at the Minnesota Quilters Show, June 11-13, 2020, at the St. Cloud River's Edge Convention Center, St. Cloud, MN!

Grace and peace!!! ~Nancy


  1. WOW! You keep outdoing yourself. This Meadowland is even more gorgeous than the last ones! I love the pink and gold with some green, it's just stunning!!

  2. Good luck in the show, it looks like a winner to me!

  3. That little quilt is gorgeous! Love the fabric and color choices. Metallic thread isn't easy to use, at least in my machine...kudos to you for making it work!

  4. So pretty and a fabulous setting for your photos. Especially love those giraffes!

  5. That is a really cool ( or warm) quilt!!! THe colors are some of my favorites! but the pics with the giraffes - the BEST!!

  6. Pretty! I love the shot with the giraffes :-)

  7. The colors are pretty. I especially like the picture of your quilt with the flowers.
    Quilter Bonnie

  8. Well done! The quilting is spectacular! Wish my long arm quilter felt secure enough to try it. She’s a beginner, getting better with each quilt!

  9. everything about the quilt is beautiful

  10. This is fabulous. I love everything you did - shrinking blocks, metallic thread and matchstick quilting!

  11. What a pretty little quilt. One of these days I'm going to have to try matchstick quilting - it loos so cool!

  12. Love the setting with cyclamen, pansies and is the blue a cineraria? Super colours that have gone together to make a darling quilt.

  13. Wow! Those colors are amazing! I love the texture from the matchstick quilting--that's usually to much for me, but it looks fantastic on this quilt. And I like the imperfections, too. Lovely!

  14. Fabulous little quilt. Thanks for sharing with Oh Scrap!

  15. The pictures with the giraffes is just such a highlight :) And very fun to see the meadowland in a small scale version. I think you made your challenge fabrics work well together with your own. xo Melanie


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