Saturday, January 1, 2022

Japanese 🗻 New Year's Quilt

Happy New Year, 2022!!!
Welcome to the first of my National Day quilts of 2022!!! I have eight different National Day quilts I'll be putting together throughout the year, on the following days:
Quilt Info:
Maker: Me and 5 Japanese quilt friends
Batting: Quilters Dream Poly
Thread: Glide--various + Monofilament
Quilting: Freemotion Quilting--matchstick, stitch-in-the-ditch, micro-meander
Interesting Info: In Japan there is an animal for every year, in a 12-year cycle. They are especially noted at New Years, on postcards sent out to family and friends. 

From 1999 through 2007 we lived in Fuchu, Tokyo, where I quilted together with friends once a month. We took the summer months off and did "summer homework"--a themed block swap. We continue to do our "summer homework", even though most of us have moved to different places, plus we have switched to every other summer.
The six of us Tama Quilters each made blocks of the animal from the year we were born. We just did this swap in the summer of 2021!
Quilting tip: When doing micro-meandering, turn your stitch length to very small/short. On my longarm, I turned the stitch length to the very shortest it would go! That was my first time I set it that low!!! It does make it easier to make tiny curves while meandering. ⤴️⤵️
Japanese backing and binding fabrics: ⤵️
Here's where my New Years quilt hangs in my longarm studio!!! ⤵️
My next National Day quilt will be posted on National Dress Day, March 6th!!!

Happy New Year!!! Our hope is not in the new year, but in the One who makes all things new!!!


  1. Happy New Year Nancy! I love your first of National Day quilts, it's nice to sew with friends from so far away. A beautiful mini quilt to remember them!
    Thankyou for sharing and linking up ;)

  2. I always love these projects with your friends from Japan. I also think your hint is a good one; can't wait to turn my stitch length down for micro quilting....makes perfect sense. Happy New Year!

  3. Nancy that is a perfect addition above your door. The memories that those blocks will bring each time you look up are priceless. Happy New Year!

  4. This is going to be a fun set of projects to watch you work on Nancy. Your first quilt is adorable and looks perfect above the door. Looking forward to seeing quilt 2 in March.

  5. What a great place to display your newest quilt. Hum, I have a set of French doors from my basement room. I could use something like that to hang above it. Maybe... I'll think on it. Your micro stitching looks fabulous. Excellent suggestion although I seldom try to "push" my long arm around myself.

  6. What a cute little “ Year Of” quilt, and a perfect place for it! Will your other “National Day” blocks be of similar size? Great idea!

    1. Yes, all the blocks are between 5" and 9", so they make nice wall hangings!!!

  7. I love all of these blocks and just wondering which block was yours? It has nothing to do with figuring out your age, wink. I’m looking forward to seeing the other quilts.

  8. Happy New Year, Nancy! Hope you have SEW much fun with your National Day quilts. I'll be looking forward to seeing what you will create!

  9. Celebrating each of these national days will be fun. I look forward to seeing what you do.
    Love the way your quilt turned out. Great to have friends who also quilt and share.

  10. Oh Nancy, this is too adorable. I'm so glad you shared close ups to see just how cute each block is. Love the fabrics you used as well. A wonderful tradition and I will look forward to seeing the rest of your monthly stitcheries.

  11. I love that you're still in touch with that group of quilters almost 15 years since you left Japan. The work you do together is lovely, and you get to work at the finished wall hanging every time you walk out of your studio! : )

    Out of curiosity ... how do you hang your quits on the walls of your studio?

  12. Hi Nancy, your piece is really lovely. It's great that you have kept your friendships and the exchange going. I hope that you have a great new year. Thanks for linking up to Free Motion Mavericks!

  13. Great tip on the micro stippling. I have yet to try it but am so glad you linked up to the #TTot22 Party!

  14. What a great story, and a perfect spot to put his reminder of your friends and your time together!

  15. So neat that you are all still connected even though you are all living in different places. This is a fun quilt and perfect for that spot!


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