Sunday, July 17, 2022

🍦National Ice Cream Day🍦

Happy National Ice Cream Day!!! July 17th! In 1983, President Ronald Reagan declared the third Sunday in July as the day we celebrate ice cream in the USA!!!
This is my 6th National Day quilt out of 8 that I'm finishing this year!!!

Quilt Info:
Contributors: Tama Quilters of Fuchu-shi, Tokyo, Japan
Size: 27" x 20"
Batting: Quilters Dream Poly
Thread: Glide--Linen
Pantograph: Diamonds Are Forever ⤵️ from Intelligent Quilting
I chose this pantograph for its resemblance to a traditional sashiko pattern! I sized it down in proportion to the quilt.
I loaded this quilt upside down because of the size of my backing piece--I wanted the bottom of the quilt to be as near the bottom of the back as possible. 

Interesting Info: This block is a combo of hand applique--the scoop section, and paper piecing--the cone section. 
Starting in the upper left corner of my quilt, my block features strawberry ice cream in a waffle cone, with children's Yukata fabric for background! ⤴️
This chocolate ice cream cone with text print was made by Yoshie Takamatsu-san!!! ⤴️
Mihoko Hirose-san added sprinkles to her mint cone, with a cherry on the bottom of the cone!!! I removed the sprinkles/beads for quilting and reattached them when it was done. ⤴️
This neopolitan ice cream cone was made by Keiko Aizawa-san!!! ⤴️
Setsuko Suzuki-san also added sprinkles to her cone, plus she embroidered her initial on the block!!! ⤴️ I also removed, then later reattached the sprinkles/beads which was a quick, easy thing to do.
This cone with printed on sprinkles is made by Akiko Abe-san!!! ⤴️

I used Yukata fabric for my border, and this matching stripe for binding, both from my collection!!! ⤵️ Yukata are cotton kimonos worn during summer festivals, which seems just right for eating ice cream!!!

The back is 2 pieces of Japanese Yukata fabric, matched and pieced down the middle. You can also see my hanging method in the photo below: two corner tabs and a flat dowel with a 3M Command strip in the middle. ⤵️
My National Ice Cream Day quilt is hanging in my longarm studio along with the other National Day quilts I've finished this year!!! ⤵️ And my mascot, Elmer the Patchwork Elephant!
Here are my first six National Day quilts for 2022, with a big thanks to my Tama Quilter friends! ⤵️
Come back for my 7th National Day quilt on September 13th, National Positive Thinking Day!!! 

Grace and peace!!! ~Nancy


  1. I love the idea of a special day just for ice cream. Any excuse, I say, but this makes it even more special. Love your ice cream quilt.

  2. What a fun quilt, Nancy! You did a great job and the quilting is perfect. Our guild has a "friendship" with a group of quilters in Japan and every other year we send quilts to our sister city to display in their show. It's been a few years now with all the stuff we've all been through. Happy National Ice Cream Day!!

  3. Ice cream! One of my favorite foods, though I must not buy it because then I eat it! (Puffing out my cheeks) :-) But what an adorable quilt you've made! Love that it has so much significance for you with parts from Japanese quilt-y friends and fabrics. You did a lovely job on the whole piece - the backing is especially pretty - and it's perfect hanging where it is. You can admire it every day, and be reminded of your great friendships.

  4. This little quilt is sooo cute, Nancy! What a fun project! I enjoyed seeing each block close up, and your border, backing, and binding are perfect for the quilt. Such a fun finish!

  5. What a lovely quilt! How clever to remove the sprinkles and add back after the quilting. I love the back and can see why you loaded it that way. Interesting how well that worked with the pattern you chose. Great job!

  6. I can see why you took such care with the backing fabric! What a beautiful piece. it is a two sided quilt! So special to have blocks from far away friends!

  7. The far away friends comment is from me. . . .TerryK@OnGoingProjects!

  8. Hi,
    Beautiful quilts. I'm doing my 3rd National Day Quilt...I do mine by the month
    for a year. Have a great da!

  9. Well bummer. On national ice cream day I had cookies for dessert. And there is ice cream in our freezer. Maybe tomorrow there will be ice cream to make up for missing it today. I was intrigued by the quilting design that shows on the back. At first I thought it was actually printed on the fabric. And, yes it does look sashiko. Lovely job on this cute quilt.

  10. Hum, this is annoying. It won't let me comment as brsinstitches @ gmail. etc. I commented above. Bonnie

  11. Love the quilt! I didn't know that it was National Ice Cream day! But it was date day with my Hubby, and we had ice cream after taking in a movie. :)

  12. I scream for ice cream! National days are such a fun theme for a quilt series. Love the sashiko-style quilt pattern, too.

  13. I love the quilting design!!! Of course you will have to eat my share of Ice Cream, so enjoy! LOL. HUgs

  14. Every day is ice cream day in my house - for my husband! LOL Your ice cream quilt is so adorable, but I'm really in love with that diamond stitching design. That is fabulous!!!

  15. Such fun to see all your different flavors and cute cones!

  16. What a super sweet quilt , Nancy and so interesting about National Ice Cream Day. A great day to celebrate with a scoop or two. Happy quilting.

  17. Love the sprinkles :-) On a separate note, I celebrate Icecream day every month :-D


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