Friday, August 19, 2022

Sammy Quilt

Kyle made this fun quilt top from some beautiful Bonnie & Camille prints!!!
Quilt Info:
Maker: Kyle
Pattern: Sammy from Stripology Mixology 2 by GE Designs
Fabrics: Early Bird by Bonnie & Camille
Size: 77" x 99"
Batting: Quilters Dream 100% Cotton
Thread: Glide--Mint
Pantograph: Ginger Snap ⤵️ from Apricot Moon
This quilting looks great on so many quilts!!!
Interesting Info: I'd like to make this pattern myself, which is a great compliment to any quiltmaker!!!
Kyle's extra-wide backing is from the same line and is a super soft sateen fabric! ⤵️
This pattern is made from 10" squares--a layer cake, or cut 10" squares from your collection! Using your Stripology ruler makes it fast!!!
Super cute quilt, Kyle!!!

Grace and peace!!! ~Nancy


  1. It does look great. This would be fun to make as a scrappy quilt, too, using fabrics from different designers. Love it. (Karen , Sunburnt Quilts.)

  2. Love the quilt Kylie made and the pantograph you used is perfect! The stripology rulers are sure fun....gotta bring mine to Maine on the next car trip over to the island!

  3. Looking good, a fun looking pattern and a fun pantograph.

  4. Such a fun quilt. I love the aqua with the red, white and blues and the quilting is so pretty.

  5. That's a bright, happy quilt, from start to finish! Makes me want to have a picnic!

  6. What a great quilt! Count me in with Wendy...let's go on a picnic! :)

  7. Great quilt and lovely quilting, Nancy.

  8. Congrats Kyle for this great quilt and Nancy for the lovely quilting. ;^)

  9. Just lovely! I'm smiling though. The quilt is made with things I don't have/use: layer cake (though I could cut 10" squares); a Stripology ruler; a long arm. The Stripology ruler was a topic of conversation at yesterday's Central Florida MQG meeting. One of our quilters was bragging about all the ways she uses that ruler, and I couldn't think of a single application for me to use it in a quilt. But such things always remind me of how much quiltmaking appeals to so many of us with varied interests. Some aspect of quiltmaking appeals to someone!

  10. Such a bright and cheerful quilt. I really like it a lot and your quilting looks great!

  11. That is a great quilt design! Gudrun plus Bonnie and Camille - can't go wrong. I wasn't sure about quilting on a sateen back when I (inadvertently) bought one last year, but it was just fine, and the recipient of my quilt, who lives in Florida, loved the cool softness of the back.

  12. Beautiful quilt, I love the pattern too! Perfect quilting design, swirls are fun!
    Thank you for sharing ;)

  13. This IS a fun quilt! Way to go, Kyle!


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