Sunday, December 18, 2022

🎄It's Beginning to Look a lot Like Christmas🎄

Happy 4th Sunday in Advent!!! Christmas is coming next weekend! I was inspired by Sarah at Confessions of a Quilt Addict to share my Christmas decorations, some hand made, some from Japan, celebrating the birth of Christ!!!
The view from our front door--we got a bit of snow this past week!!!
The current front door quilt! ⤴️
Our entryway nativity scene, mostly Jim Shore, with a few of my Dad's wood carvings stepping in!!! ⤴️
Living room Christmas quilt--Tama Quilters Summer homework, 2001!!! ⤴️
Nativity scene directly below the above quilt. One of the cow's horns was broken off so we got it for half price! Thimbleberries table runner. ⤴️
Our family Christmas stockings, made by DD1 when she was about 12 years old. She decided we needed Christmas stocking, so she simply drew out the shape, dug into my fake fur and stitched them up in no time!!! ⤴️
Our Christmas tree. It was DD1's college Christmas tree and we adopted it later. I like it as it's shorter (6 feet) and narrower than most!!! ⤴️
Close-ups of some of my favorite ornaments!!! Baby's first Christmas for each of our children!!! ⤴️
An angel sewing in heaven--gift from a Japan friend, made in Germany! ⤴️
Another sewing machine ornament, purchased at the Tokyo Dome Quilt Show, made by a Japanese artist! ⤴️
Hand knit mini socks that DD2 purchased in Azerbaijan when she was on the World Race in 2019! ⤴️
Three of the many different ornaments my Dad carved, and my Mom painted! ⤴️
Washi paper covered eggs, hand made in Japan! ⤴️
Collage ornaments made with our children, in several colors! The original that we copied is in the middle and was bought at a department store in Japan! ⤴️
I made a dozen of these icicle ornaments for our Christmas tree. Our son was about 10 when I was making these and he wanted to join in the fun--he asked for a large one and beaded his with colorful beads!!! ⤴️
DD2 knit the mitten on the left in a mitten knitting class. She didn't care for the method (fingertip down) so we sent the single 100% wool mitten she made in class through the wash a number of times until it reached a mini size for the Christmas tree! 

I knit the middle stocking with toothpicks!!!

The granny square stocking on the right was crocheted by my daughter's friend's mother, Mrs. Takahashi!!! ⤴️
Angel ornaments made by my cousin Sue and her minions--a different style every year for many years! They made something like 50 each Christmas as gifts!!! ⤴️
Our tree skirt is pretty simple--poinsettias stitched on white fabric with red metallic thread, cut in a circle, with a slit for the tree trunk, binding and ties in the back!!!
Yes, I stitched these poinsettias on my longarm using a paper pantograph. I was a very new longarm quilter then! ⤴️
Some Christmas quilts!!! I finished this one last year!!! ⤴️ The pillows were made by DD1 and DD2 over the years!!!
DD2 designed this quilt herself after buying a flannel charm pack and some coordinating yardage. She was about 11 years old at the time!!!⤴️
Out in the kitchen, this is our table boat decorated with some Christmas trees, all from Japan! On either end are pinecones decorated with fabric puffs. The middle three were all gifts from friends in Japan!!! A Christmas table runner!  ⤴️
And here's our Christmasy view out our back door!!! ⤴️ ⤵️
Thanks for stopping by and taking the Christmas tour!!! I hope you are enjoying the wonder of the season and the coming of the birth of Christ!!! Merry Christmas!

Grace and peace!!! ~Nancy


  1. What fun to see all your decorations, ornaments, and pretty tree, Nancy! I love your Nativities, too. I have one that my dad made - not carved, but sawn out of wood like a puzzle. That our dads made these makes them very special!

  2. Your front door hanging is so pretty! Your nativity is lovely! My favorite Christmas decorations are Nativities and ornaments. The beige Nativity goes so well with your living room Christmas quilt! What a talented daughter you have!
    Your tree is lovely by the window and the quilt underneath is the perfect compliment! It’s lovely and a great idea!
    Such beautiful ornaments – especially the Baby’s first! I love that sewing angel. As giving as quilters are, it’s perfect. We have some precious washi eggs as well (from Okinawa). I’m glad you shared the button ornaments. Great idea to borrow! I love the granny square ornament as well! Knitting with toothpicks! Wow! Those angel ornaments are lovely!
    There is nothing like a sunggly quilt to sleep under! Your home is filled with lovely, warm and cozy handcrafted pieces that welcome all who enter!
    You definitely got some snow! Wow! Looks lovely! Thank you for sharing your Christmas décor with us!

  3. Thank you for sharing your Christmas decorations. You have quite a lovely variety. Happy stitching and have a blessed Christmas.

  4. How fun to take a tour with you of your lovely home! All those ornaments and holiday decor have such special meaning and treasured keepsakes that your kids made - I love it! I have only a few that have survived the test of time but they are loved as well. Enjoy your snow! Merry Christmas!

  5. I loved touring your Christmas as I was having my morning coffee, thank you for sharing that!

  6. Loved seeing your Christmas "tour". You have some really special ornaments and quilts. The snowy scene makes it look like Christmas for sure!

  7. Wow, these are Christmas decorations!! Such precious family ornaments, I love a lot of them, but I'm especially amazed by the carved ones made by your dad, and the tiny little one you knitted with toothpicks!
    Your house is very welcoming, warm and cozy. Enjoy the holidays!
    Thank you so much for sharing, and linking up!

  8. What a fabulous post! It was so neat to see all these wonderful (and mostly handmade!) memories of Christmas that you use each year. We have lots of memory ornaments like that too but very few are handmade.

  9. Thanks for showing us your lovely and meaningful decorations for Christmas!

  10. Your winter wonderland looks beautiful. So pretty, especially if you don't have to go outside. You have a lot of lovely decorations and it is great that so many have special memories or you.

  11. You have such a beautiful home, and it's very fun to see all your decorations! Knitting with toothpicks?? Who knew? Haha! Merry Merry Christmas to you and your family, Nancy!

  12. Thank you so much for sharing a Christmas tour of your home! I feel all warm and fuzzy many special treasures! Toothpicks? Wow! Merry Christmas! :)

  13. What a lovely collection of decorations! And so many warm memories wrapped up in them. I need to look again, but what stood out to me immediately was baby Jesus under a quilt (symbolism there about why we quilt!) and the angel sewing. Yes, quilters are angels, aren't they? Merry Christmas!

  14. These decorations are so much fun to look at. Love the nativity sets, the ornaments, and various quilts. It looks like it must be so warm and welcoming. I have not gotten the tree out in 2 years. I am not in Massachusetts long enough and miss seeing those decorations. Next year I will either bring it here or do it at Thanksgiving (which will make my husband crazy)!

  15. I love these ornaments. Each is so unique and meaningful. I think the collage ornaments with the buttons are my favorite!!! Merry Christmas to you and your family!!

  16. Love the sharing of your Christmas decorations and memories of years gone by! Have a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year - stay warm!

  17. Thanks for sharing your holiday decor, Nancy. So pretty!


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