Sunday, February 25, 2018

Two Friends, Two Quilts

These two quilts were made by two friends, both of whom are involved in the Barnabas Ministry at their church, a ministry to families with disabled children. 
This first quilt is made by Karen, who is fairly new to quilting. She made this "Square in a Square" quilt for her son, who has recently entered a group home. BTW, Karen is the director of the Barnabas Ministry at Grace Church Eden Prairie.

Karen used Kim Diehl fabrics: 

The quilting is Fascination:

She used this manly brown print for the back:

Square in a Square is not an easy block, and I'd say Karen did a great job with all those points! I'm sure your son will find this a piece of comfort, happiness and love, Karen!

This quilt is made by my sister--a new throw for their sofa!

The quilting is Verve:

The pattern is Honey Bouquet by Villa Rosa Designs. These are simple designs that come on a postcard. This pattern just takes 12 fat quarters and finishes at 54" X 60".

The backing is this creamy floral:

Beautiful quilt, Bonnie!!! Great job, ladies! Barnabas Ministries is wonderful!

Grace & peace!!! ~Nancy

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  1. Since I don't do panto's it's always fun to see which ones you are using. Great work as usual Nancy:)

  2. Beautiful quilts, Fascination is one of my favorite pantos. I love the pics of your studio, you have lovely windows for light like I do! Looks cold with all the snow, but lovely view.

  3. Karen did a great job on her first quilt, and you're right, that pattern is not an easy one! I think she needs to keep quilting! Your quilting complements it nicely, too! Your sister's quilt is so fresh and cheery, perfect for snuggling under on these snowy winter days! You did a great job on the quilting for hers too.

  4. Not are lovely quilts. I love the quilting chosen for both, but adore Verve! I am hoping to learn Orange Peel in FMQ, this has a look of that.

  5. Beautiful quilting! I'm really impressed with Karen's first quilt--those squares in a square in a square are my nemesis!!

  6. Two gorgeous quilts! I especially like the fabrics in the blue one your sister made. Great jobs all around :)

  7. Hi Nancy,
    Wow, the quilting on both of these quilts is stunning. It really finishes off both of them nicely and compliments both the pattern as well as the fabrics. ~smile~ Roseanne

  8. Nice job on the quilting, Nancy. LOVE the finish that Verve pattern gives!!

  9. I love Villa Rosa patterns! This one is beautiful, and the quilting is amazing!

  10. Wonderful quilts and wonderful quilting. I love the pattern called "verve" and have used the Villa Rosa patterns before and think they are terrific.

  11. Two beautiful quilts;d I love both of them. You are right about square in the square blocks, they're hard to make and not my favorite but maybe I'll change my once I use my new die to make these blocks. I have lots of Villa Rose patterns but I don't have this one-I love it.

  12. Both quilts are delightful. Very different but lovely. Great work with the quilting, as always.

  13. Both quilts are so lovely! What great success Karen had! Congratulations to her! Your sister's quilt is again, lovely! Such wonderful color play! Naturally, your gift for quilting was the perfect accent for both quilts!


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