Friday, August 24, 2018

Last Week, Minnesota; This Week, the World!🌏🌍🌎

First off, I quilted this Minnesota themed quilt for my sister last week:

The quilting is Harbour Wave, for the waters of Minnesota's 10,000+ lakes:

This is the Quilt Minnesota shop hop fabric from 2016. Some of the prints include sunfish, campers, Minnesota license plates, canoe paddles, trillium, and the dreaded mosquito!

You can probably guess, this is a jelly roll quilt.

The backing is bubble Minkee in a watery color:

Nice Minnesota-style cuddle quilt, Quilter Bonnie!

Now, this week I quilted a world map quilt for my friend Paula of the Knitting Pipeline podcast

The quilting, Parchment, echoes the squares using curved lines.

And here's some of the world map fabric, found in this case on the back, that makes this such an international quilt:

There are all kinds of vintage motifs on this quilt, which makes it very interesting to look at.

Great job, Paula! Binding done and all, ready to be gifted!

Grace and peace!!! ~Nancy

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  1. Oh, that Minnesota quilt is a beauty, and with the Minky on the back, it is all done and ready for that wintery season that will soon be upon us. Snuggling under that with a good book will be just the ticket! I love Paula's quilt too; the backing fabric is very cool! Great finishes!

  2. Bonnie had a great way of making a quilt with those fabrics. Love the quilting-it looks like a design Angela Walters has done freehand.

  3. I usually do not care for edge to edge quilting but I live that wave pattern. Your quilt turned out great

  4. I love these quilts - the cozy one and that striking optical one! The quilting designs are perfect. It is so much fun to see what you do with these gorgeous quilts.

  5. The Harbour Wave quilting is just right for that lovely quilt. Both quilts are fun to see. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank you, Debbie! I love that Harbour Wave design, too! It needs a watery quilt though, to look right, so I was glad to put it on this Minnesota lakes quilt. BTW, I'm responding here because you're a no-reply blogger. Sorry I can't respond directly!

  6. Thanks for gifting me this Minnesota shop hop jelly roll for my birthday and quilting this quilt for me. It will be nice to use in my "cozy corner" downstairs. I have the scrappy binding all ready; now to sew it on!
    Quilter Bonnie

  7. Oh, I love that wave quilting motif! And the maps and other antique things on the second quilt are really cool. I wonder if that is Tim Holtz fabric?

  8. The waves on the MN quilt is spectacular!! I love it so much All of the quilts are beautiful <3

  9. What a fun quilt = and all the cool memories in there!

  10. Love the patterns you have chosen for each of these for quilting. They look great.


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