Tuesday, May 14, 2019

➖Stripey Baby Quilt➖ + Mongolia

Isn't this a simple, yet fun way to make a baby quilt?!! My quilting neighbor, Patty, made this cute stripey baby quilt: 

She chose a fun, modern quilting design:

"Disco" shows up great on the flannel backing:

Such a simple and effective quilt! It just takes 6 fabrics.
This cute animal fabric is definitely the focus fabric!

Just 1/2 yard of the focus fabric and 1/4 yard of 5 coordinating fabrics make up this super simple, cute quilt!

Quilt info:
Maker: Patty
Size: 41" X 55"
Quilting: Disco
Thread: Glide--Cotton Candy (pink)
Batting: Quilter's Dream Batting 80/20, White
Backing: pink flannel
Interesting Fact: This will be going to Eleanor, who is 2 months old.

Check out our DD2's latest video, where they stay in a ger/yurt in Mongolia, on the World Race:
Grace and peace!!! ~Nancy
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  1. It is a lovely quilt. Simple is often great. Very sweet.

  2. So cute! The quilting does show up well on that flannel backing. Thanks for linking up to What I Made Monday!

  3. That is a fun, quick quilt. I'm sure it will be well loved. Fun to see your daughter's video too; she is having some grand adventures!

  4. It is amazing how the simplest of designs are so attractive. Love it! Mongolia! wow!

  5. Super simple and super fun. Love it. Honestly, when the fabric is so cute most of our work is already done. Your quilting is just perfect :-) I am sure this will make Eleanor very happy.

  6. Love the disco quilting design!
    Susanna's video was very fun to watch. Or should I say "Sus"!
    Quilter Bonnie

  7. Very cute, and a great reminder that wonderful print fabrics don't need complicated piecing designs in order to create a winner of a baby quilt! Flannel for the backing is wonderful for a baby quilt, too.

  8. Sometimes going 'simple' is perfect! A sweet quilt, and the stripes let the pretty fabrics shine!

  9. Just goes to show we don't always have to have intricate patterns in order to make a sweet quilt! Your daughter is having adventure of a lifetime!

  10. Another example that not everything need to be tiny or complicated to be beautiful :)

  11. Very cute, and I love the quilting design

  12. Always love a nice, fast project - those animals are super cute!

  13. Yes! You're right! This is a cute baby quilt! I can picture the little one learning to crawl as he/she goes from stripe to stripe! Love that quilting as well!

  14. Cute quilting design! Thanks for sharing on Wednesday Wait Loss.

  15. This is really sweet, and a great choice of fabrics that can do all the work. I bet it ends up being one of Eleanor's favourites.


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