Wednesday, May 29, 2019

⼥ Women of the Bible Quilt ⛪️

Isn't this quilt a beauty?!! I quilted this Women of the Bible quilt for my Bee Sista, Rose, over at Something Rosemade.

Rose and I agreed that Figure 8s would look fresh and modern across this quilt. Wait, that would be Wishbones according to Rose!

A closer look at the quilting:

Quilt Info:
Maker: Rose from Something Rosemade
Pattern: Women of the Bible Quilt
Size: 85" X 95"
Quilting: Figure 8, a.k.a. Wishbone
Thread: Glide--Pink
Batting: Warm & White
Backing: Good Neighbors extra-wide backing by Amanda Jean Nyberg
Interesting Fact: According to Rose, it took her 2 1/2 years to get around to assembling the quilt top. She promises to be quicker on the binding. Those of us not guilty of the same thing can throw the first stone!

The next photo features Rose's quilt in our new guest room, including a print by Joni Eareckson Tada a quadriplegic who paints with her mouth, teddy bears by DD2 for Operation Christmas Child and Mother Bear Project, The Mission Ball in both English and Japanese, and a lamp from IKEA.
What do you call them--Figure 8s or Wishbones???
Grace and peace!!! ~Nancy
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  1. How wonderful, to quilt your faith and learn about the women of the Bible! I like the fabrics Rose chose, so cheerful. The figure 8's compliment the quilt so well. It looks nice in your guest room of faith!
    Quilter Bonnie

    1. I like that, Bon, "guest room of faith"! I'm going to start calling it that.

  2. Nancy and Rose, it’s beautiful! I love all the color and patterns coming together.

  3. This is SO cute! I love these fabrics together!

  4. What a pretty quilt! I love the bright, cheerful colors and the theme. It's a quilt I've always wanted to make. It looks great in your international guest bedroom. I'd probably call that design infinities -- or squiggles. Haha.

  5. I did a Women of the Bible quilt years ago with an online group and then one on the Psalms. I have the 'women' quilt hanging up on my wall and the Psalms quilt I gave to my niece who thankfully has started going to church again. PTL! Your room of faith is lovely! My sister has knitted a lot of bears for the Mother Bear project.

  6. it'a a beautiful quilt and I love the wishbones...good choice.

  7. Figure 8s is what I would call it, but I am liking the other names too - wishbone, infinity and squiggle (a nickname I had once). I love this quilt and love that you quilted it for Rose, although it looks great in the guest room so I am wondering if it will be returning to Rose???

  8. What do I call it? I call it done! And beautiful! Love your guest room, Nancy. :)

  9. Your combined efforts have created a beautiful quilt. Your "guest room of faith" looks very inviting!

  10. Hi Nancy! Oh, I love seeing the behind-the-scenes details on Rose's quilt. Wow! The figure-8 pattern is a great choice as it really lets the blocks shine. That backing fabric is just perfect for this piece! She couldn't have found a better one, and it looks so fab staged on your guest bed. I'm wondering the same thing that Kathleen mentioned - maybe it should just stay on your guest bed?!! HAHA! ~smile~ Roseanne

  11. Stunning quilt, all those amazing colors and blocks. I can believe that it took 2 and a half years to complete!
    And gorgeous quilting to complement it! I think I'd call them figure 8's instead of wishbones, I'm not sure why.

  12. Great quilting! I'm sure she's going to love the result. Thanks for sharing on Wednesday Wait Loss.

  13. Beautiful job on the quilting; I read that Rose had sent you her quilt. :-) Thanks for linking up with TGIFF.


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