Tuesday, July 14, 2020

㆕ Four More Charity Quilts 🎁

I picked up four more quilt tops from Minnesota Quilters--Quilt For Others curbside drop-off last week. Here are the results: 
Here's a review of the quilting designs I used. First up, I quilted this small quilt using the edge to edge design called "Curly Weave":
This quilting is dense, but the overall feel of the quilt is soft, thanks to the cotton batting.
Here's the second quilt I quilted. This edge-to-edge design is a 9-Petal Dresden with Meander:
I like the quilting design. But even with the quilting rows nested as closely together as possible, the design left areas unquilted that were too large. I went back and freehand filled in those areas. 
The third quilt I quilted is a Heartstrings quilt. Our guild has been making these quilts for a long time. I quilted this one with "Swirling Doubles":
At first I was quite puzzled how to get this design set up on my computer--the rows would not nest properly. I went back and studied the original drawing and determined that the alternate rows had to be mirror imaged to nest. 
The fourth quilt I worked on this week was another Heartstrings quilt. I quilted this one with "Aquilegias Flower", which is another name for Columbine:
Here's what my computer screen/tablet looked like when I had it set up:
I also made several Heartstring blocks, using my big basket of leftover strips:
That was four days of quilting for me. I enjoyed trying out some different quilting designs on these charity quilts!
Grace and peace!!! ~Nancy


  1. I enjoy seeing quilting designs long armers use on various quilts. Sometimes I actually purchase the ones they mention because I like the so well. Looks to me that we have the same computerized program for our machines. By Grace Co? Mine is called Quiltmagine — for the Nolting. But the design page looks the same. I really like Curly Weave. I realize I have something similar. I’ve got a quilt loaded but I haven’t decided the design yet. I’ll figure it out soon. Thanks for sharing all your quilting. You got a lot done!

  2. Nancy these all are beautiful. I think the Curly Weave is now my favorite that you have used.

  3. I do like Curly Weave! 4 quilts to play on and and string blocks made - one productive lady! I wonder if you have the nudge thing I have for closing up spaces. I just figured out a little about it and it is helpful. I have one like Curly Weave but I am putting that and the others on my list.

  4. Great work on all these charity quilts! I like that Dresden Meander. Good for your brain figuring out that computer software!

  5. Well, there you are! This didn't drop into my email yet, so I'm thankful Mahlon posted it. You've been busy! So many pretty quilts!

  6. Delightful quilts, and beautiful quilting!

  7. I thought I detected you were really enjoying trying new designs, it came across in your writing;) I am glad you figured out you had to mirror image the design in order to nest it. Great work Nancy!

  8. The quilting is special as always, I have a question. What size are your string blocks? And do you use a fabric foundation?

  9. All is a week's time? You amaze me with your productivity, Nancy!

  10. Wow you sure got a lot done! I love looking at all the quilting patterns you chose. Thanks for sharing on Wednesday Wait Loss.


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