Monday, July 20, 2020

☒ Missy's Irish Change ☒

Quilt Info:
Maker: Missy
Size: 101" X 101"
Fabrics: French General
Batting: Quilters Dream Batting--Wool
Thread: Glide--Cream
Quilting: Cashmere
Interesting Info: 
~This is a layer cake quilt pattern! MSQC simplified the traditional Irish Chain pattern, therefore the name, "Irish Change"!
~Missy has covered all her beds at their cabin with her quilts!!! I added some photos she sent from her cabin at the end of this post!!!

I love this beautiful traditional feather quilting Missy chose, "Cashmere":

For backing, Missy used this extra-wide shot cotton:

And from Missy's cabin:

How cute and fresh is that!!! Great job, Missy!!!

Grace and peace!!! ~Nancy


  1. Lovely quilt and quilting. Your last note asked me about my favorite feathers design. I really don't have one, in fact I only have one feather, oops make that 2 I have a feathered heart square that worked really well on a heart quilt I had. But, no, I'm not big on feathers. Missy's cabin seems to have a lot of bedrooms. I'd love to see the quilt shown from the side full on. Love how she has pretty much made all of the quilts/rooms blend so well.

    1. You can see a straight-on photo of the quilt Missy's has hanging on the wall at her cabin, here:

  2. Missy has a lovely collection of quilts for her cabin. The pictures are so inviting, really showing a charm to her rooms. And again...I love that quilting design you chose for this Irish Change.

  3. Missy's quilt is beautiful. I like the modification to the Irish Chain. I love the feather quilting. It adds so much to the quilt.
    I love Missy's cabin with the cute beds and quilts. It looks like it could be featured in a magazine. Good job Missy and Nancy!
    Quilter Bonnie

  4. The quilting design is really nice, I'm going to have to see if I can add it to my collection. I love that it combines feathers and swirls and looks modern and a bit old fashioned all at the same time. Beautiful job on the quilt, and thanks for sharing pics of Missy's cabin. It looks like a very inviting place to stay!

  5. I am so thrilled with this Nancy, and can't wait til it arrives, and I can bind it, and put it on our bed! The quilting is so gorgeous. I know I can never go wrong with your suggestions! The pattern is an easy one, and does make a large quilt, so I am sure I will make it again....I wish all of you quilting friends could come and rock on the porch with me at the cabin! Thank you so much Nancy!

  6. Oh, that shot cotton seems to add a lovely sheen. I've never used such a large piece, but might have to try it. Thanks for linking up to What I Made Monday!

  7. I love the colors, the quilting, the pattern - everything about it. Thanks for sharing the cabin quilts. What a cozy place!

  8. That is a lovely quilt! I've been wanting to make an Irish Chain, but was intimidated. I'll check out the Missouri Star tutorial! Beautiful quilting!

    I also like the Quilter's Dream batting. The puff is my favorite one, expecially with a minky background. :)

    The cabin looks so cozy with all those quilts!

  9. Another beautiful (and big!!) quilt by Missy. She has done a great job with her quilts, and her cabin looks so cozy and inviting with all the quilts on the beds and walls. Nice work on the quilting too, Nancy!

  10. Missy did a fabulous job, as did you! I love the shot cotton and the way it shows up your terrific quilting!

  11. I loved seeing all of Missy's quilts on the cabin beds! You did a great job. Thanks, as always, for sharing the details about which thread, which batting, and which quilting design. "Inquiring Minds" want to know these things! Your quilting looks great and i love how those perfect stitches sink down into the batting loft to create so much yummy texture!

  12. A lovely variation on that design. Gorgeous fabrics and a lovely job with your quilting.

  13. Your exquisite quilting transforms this rather Plain Jane of a quilt into a Bella of the Ball :-)


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