Friday, February 4, 2022

❤️Bring the Love SAL❤️

 Amy, over at, is having a Valentine sew-along!!! 
Quilt Info:
Maker: Me!!!
Pattern: Bring the Love Valentine Mug Rugs from Amy Chappell
Size: 6" X 9"
Batting: Quilters Dream Poly
Quilting: Straight-line and Matchstick on my home sewing machine.
Interesting Info: Quilter Bonnie filled me in on this little sew-along--so cute and small, how can a quilter resist?!!

Here's my first Bring the Love make: ⤵️ 
My second take: ⤵️
Backing: "Saranghee yo" means "I love you", in Korean, evidently!!! ⤵️
My third take: ⤵️
This is done with fusible applique. Here's a tip from Amy, the designer: stitch around the applique two or three times. It's okay if it's organic! 

My tip: use contrasting thread for the top stitching, to make the shape stand out clearer.

I plan on tacking these on the wall in my studio. Now, can I really stop with just making three?!!

Check out all the makers of this design at #bringthelovesal!!!

Grace and peace!!! ~Nancy


  1. So many cute hearts. I am so glad for these heart-full QALs...otherwise I'd forget Valentines Day altogether :-p Love your heart shaped ladle. Happy sewing, Nancy!

  2. PERFECT!! These are all so great!! what fun you must have had making them

  3. Love these and your photos! Great “staging”! Is that the right word?. Whisper: I can always identify your photos in the Linky parties! Icon love!

  4. Those mug rugs are so cute!! Now I want to make some....

  5. Such cuties! I saw them on Instagram, I believe. Makes for a smile to go with your coffee/tea!

  6. No no, three is not enough for those lovely heart quilts! I love them all, and the pretty staging photos too ;)
    Thank you for sharing your cute projetcs, and linking up today!

  7. I love these, and of course you could keep making them, but I am sure you have others up your sleeve.

  8. Oh, I love organic! Such gorgeous little mug quilts, Nancy! Love all those hearts brimming in beautiful and whimsical fabrics. You most definitely cannot stop at three! =)

  9. Wonderful heart quilts, and great photos! Love the Korean fabric on the back.

  10. All 3 are great! Thanks for your tips with the applique!

  11. To pick a favorite? I don't think I can... they all sing so beautifully. I loved all the significant items you added to your pictures especially the crane origami. These are very cute.


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