Saturday, May 27, 2023

🌸May DrEAMis🌸

I have been DrEAMing quite a bit this month!!! DrEAMi stands for "Drop Everything And Make it"!!! I have four DrEAMis to share with you:
Quilt Info #1 & #2:
Pattern: Strippy Dippy Table Runner from GE Designs
Size: 12" x 40" and 12" x 36" 
Batting: Hobbs 80/20 Black 
Thread: Glide--Sky
Pantograph: Diamonds Are Forever ⤵️ from Intelligent Quilting
Pantograph: Keryn's Herringbone ⤵️ from Urban Elementz
Interesting Info: This is a free table runner pattern available at GE Designs. I used trimmed-off bits from my quilt, Amalie Super Sized. All the trimmings went into these two table runners. They will be gifts.
I loaded one large piece of backing and batting and quilted these consecutively, so they have the same Japanese print for backing.⤵️
Quilt Info #3:
Pattern: Strip Twist 2.0 from GE Designs
Size: 24" x 24"
Batting: Quilters Dream 100% Cotton
Thread: Glide--Egg Nog
Pantograph: Daisy Daze ⤵️ from Karlee Porter
For backing, I used this fun flowers in Paris fabric!!!⤵️
Interesting Info: I needed a floral quilt for my front door. I recently participated in the Strip Twist SAL. This is version 2.0 of the Strip Twist pattern. I love how the blocks look like flowers in this version!!!
Quilt Info #4:
National Parks Panel
Size: 51" x 40"
Batting: Quilters Dream Bamboo 
Thread: Glide--Putty
Pantograph: Malachite ⤵️ from Urban Elementz
Home territory!!!⤵️
Here's just a peek at the back! ⤵️ I used a pattern from Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation's new book, Perfectly Pieced Quilt Backs. Come back on June 21st, book release day and blog hop day, for full reveal. This is my 4th quilt back from Kelly's inspiring book!!!
Interesting Info: Every summer we take a roadtrip across the US and stop at national parks along the way. I thought this would be a handy quilt for planning our trip and tracking it when we hit the road! Comment below by telling me what your favorite national park is!
Well, that makes four DrEAMis in May for me! Check out the DrEAMi link party at mmmquilts!!!

Grace and peace!!! ~Nancy


  1. You have been busy! Lots of great the Japanese blues so much and the national park quilt is perfect for your annual trips. I don't know the parks that well, but have spent quite a bit of time at Minuteman National Park and Lowell National Parks in MA along with the Longfellow house. In PA, Valley Forge, is the one I have seen numerous times.

  2. Lots of beautiful finished projects at your house. I especially love the daisy quilting on your strip twist quilt. So textured and lovely. Enjoy your road trip planning. Road trips are such fun!

  3. Pretty Dreami projects ;) I love the Malachite pattern, fabulous! This is a great idea to bring the quilt as a map for traveling! I love Yosemite, Brice Canyon, Grand Canyon, Yellowstone!!
    Thank you for sharing and linking up!

  4. My goodness but you have been hard at it. It's admirable how much you accomplish with a longarm. All your panto designs are well-chosen. Also, I'm impressed that you've used four backing ideas from Kelly's book! I'm in the book release group too, but have made only one backing, and that is yet to be domestic machine quilted. Hmm. It seems I produce at a much slower pace than you. :-) While I have enjoyed many of our national parks, one that resonated with me was Capitol Reef in Utah. Hope you get to visit many parks this summer! While you're away, maybe I'll begin to catch up to your quiltmaking productivity and get one quilt made! Ha! :-)

  5. Nancy you have been very busy with these projects! I love the National Parks! Too many favorites to list, Dry Tortugas, Denali, Rocky Mountain are on the top of the list!

  6. Those are all great DrEAMis, Nancy! Love the pretty blues in the tablerunners and the fun new door quilt. The national parks quilt is wonderful! We live right here by Rocky Mountain NP, so of course, it is a favorite, but have also loved Arches and Yellowstone. Which ones are you visiting this summer?

  7. Just love the national park quilt! Gives me warm feelings all over!

  8. As always, your quilting choices are great for the quilt! I love national parks! It is hard to choose a favorite since they are all unique to their areas. Since Mt. Rainier is close to me, and I have loads of great memories from visiting so often, it is high on my list. The same with Yellowstone. Denali is a favorite...I'd love to go back there someday! Hubby and I are planning on visiting the Badlands this year. Have fun on your road trip! :)

  9. I have fabric from that line that some day will be a quilt. Several years ago we took a 3 week trip out west, hitting as many parks as we could. Bryce Canyon was my favorite. The fabrics I have include all the parks we saw. Each one was different and enjoyable. We are so lucky to have them!!

  10. WOW! What a bevy of beauties. I've seen some of those GE designs and always like her work. Thanks for sharing how you quilted them too. Take care & hugs.

  11. Wow! What wonderful finishes. The quilting patterns you chose for each project compliment the panel/piecing beautifully!--TerryK@OnGoingProjects

  12. You crazy beautiful quilter you! I love all four but the flowers one and the BACKING (I'm screaming, to quote my eldest daughter) I just love! Thanks for giving me the nudge to get the DrEAMi linkup posted! This is just crazy-good! Man do I love that Karlee Porter flower panto. :-)

  13. What a great collection of finishes to view today. Great eye candy. Malachite looks terrific on the National Park quilt. Hum, I can remember going to Sequoia National Park as a child -- we have a picture of driving through one of them. I loved our time in Denali. I recently saw Alcatraz National Park. So, I guess I don't have just one favorite. I'm looking forward to seeing Kelly latest book. Thanks for the sneak peak.

  14. Your table runners are beautiful! I saw the strip twist on IG and am in love - your backing is just perfect! The national park quilt is fantastic, and the malachite quilting looks like map contour lines! I love Bryce Canyon and Grand Canyon and also loved visiting Pea Ridge National Military park with my parents when I was in my teens.

  15. The blue runner and the one with the Eiffel Tower backing - just my favorites!! Great quilting choice on the blue one especially!!

  16. You have really been DrEAMing this month, Nancy!! I love all of them, but I have to say that flower one is my fave!! I love how it really does look like flowers on your front door! And the Daisy panto from Karlee Porter is perfect for it!! Thanks for sharing with Monday Musings!

  17. Love the table runners, the map panel and the door hanging! I tried to get the table runner but that was a mess. I can make it without a pattern. I have tons of 1 and 1/2" strips! Maybe! Rebecca wants me to do the Jean Kidwell Circles quilt..... thinking.... fun to just be able to plan nothing and then do whatever! You have been busy and it shows! good ending for May 2023 for you! Hugs

  18. How wonderful all your quilts are, Nancy. I particularly love the one hanging on your front door. What a cheery welcome. As always your quilting is masterful.

  19. These are all wonderful. You choose some great fabrics to use in your patterns and it is fun to see the backings as well. I always enjoy seeing the quilting designs/pantographs that you use.
    This is a delightful collection of finishes.


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