Sunday, August 20, 2017

A Longarm Double Header

A longarm double header is quilting two quilts in one day. I did just that recently, quilting these two cheerful, colorful modern quilts made by my sister, Quilter Bonnie!

This pattern came from Love Patchwork & Quilting magazine, Issue 10, from a special Vintage Summer insert, designed by Jeni Baker of "In Color Order". 

This is the third time I've quilted this particular pattern. See the first time here, and the second time here.

The quilting is "Slip Stitch".

The backing is this extra wide floral that blends so nicely with the top.

Quilter Bonnie used Amanda Jean Nyberg, A.K.A. Crazy Mom Quilts, fabric line, Good Neighbors, to make this sweet quilt. 

And second up on the longarm is this cute jelly roll quilt, pattern by Zen Chic--Jelly Bellies For You, also made by Quilter Bonnie!

Don't you love the seafoam thrown in there?!

The quilting is "Bossa Nova".

The backing is this beautiful blue extra-wide backing.

This quilt will brighten up my niece's wall in her newly updated bedroom. Loving it, Quilter Bonnie! 

I finished the second quilt at 10:15 PM, determined to get them both done in one day!

Grace and peace!!! ~Nancy

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  1. Beautiful quilts! The Jeni Baker pattern is simple but so striking. 2 in one day? Very impressive!

  2. It's fun to be featured on your blog! I am so happy with both of my quilts. Thanks for doing such a wonderful job on the quilting!
    Quilter Bonnie

  3. OH mercy, two in one day!! I am lucky to get 1/2 of one done in a day!

  4. How pretty, both of them! I love Amanda Jean's fabrics, but I have yet to buy any. Someday! Way to go for getting them both done in one day!

  5. Pretty quilts and perfect quilting patterns! Great job!

  6. TWO quilts in ONE day?!?! Better you than me!! I have to remind myself not to quilt for more that an hour or two at a time. Otherwise, my everything hurts! You and your sister did a lovely job on both of these cheerful quilts.

  7. Both of those quilts are so cute! You chose the right quilting patterns for sure. I'd say you hit some home runs during your double header.

  8. Congratulations on getting them both done in one day! They are both so fun patterns and fabric choices. You and Quilter Bonnie make a great team. Have a great week! Andrea

  9. Wow! Two in a day! I love the first quilt. It's so bright and would showcase a lot of beautiful prints! Your sister is so lucky to have a longarm expert on hand!

  10. Hi Nancy,
    What fun quilts! I love both of them, and I love the two different patterns you chose to quilt them. ~smile~ Roseanne

  11. Well done Nancy! Both quilts look so good, and I love the quilting designs you used. Congrats on a double header!

  12. Long day, I think, but beautiful work on both quilts, by both of you. How nice to share your favorite thing with your sister!

  13. Wow two-in-a-day, you are busy! Love the fabrics in both, and great quilting!

  14. Your sister made beautiful quilts. Kudos for quilting them both in one day.


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