Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Four Quilts ㆕枚

While DD2, Susanna, has been at World Race training camp this past week, I've been quilting up a storm!

Every quilt has a story, and here are the beginnings of the stories of these four quilts.

Karen made this modern quilt for her son's best friend's wedding gift. 

With Minkee on the back, this throw size quilt is super soft and the "Labyrinth" quilting shines:

The couple have been married for a year now. A recent event put Karen into full speed for making them a quilt. Karen is the current president of our local quilt guild, Dakota County Star Quilters, and everyone knows, when Karen starts a quilt, watch out! It flies off her machine!

Peggy made this Ninja Turtle baby quilt for her great-grandchild, daughter of her grandson, who's a big Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle fan. 

Peggy paper-pieced the 4 faces using these free patterns available at Craftsy. Each face has over 90 pieces!!!

With Minkee on the back, it's a super soft quilt and the quilting, a combo of stitch in the ditch, custom and "Labyrinth", shows up great:

Our neighbor, Patty, made this quilt for her niece's baby girl, Oakley Storm.

Patty chose "Butterfly Garden" for the quilting and it looks perfect!

For backing she used this super soft flannel:

Patty used a free pattern online that had several different layouts to choose from. I love the off-centered design she settled on.

This jelly roll quilt was made by my sister, who also loves quilting as an artistic expression. 

She requested something traditional for the quilting. "Deja Vu" quilting fits that description to a T:

This was made from a Craftsy kit, but Bonnie took liberties with the design and rearranged it to her liking.

The stories of these beautiful quilts are just beginning!

Grace and peace!!! ~Nancy
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  1. So fun to hear all the quilt stories! You did a beautiful job on all the quilts. I'm so happy with mine! Awesome work as usual. Thank you!
    Quilter Bonnie

  2. Great stories behind beautiful quilts! Thanks for sharing

  3. You have been busy! All four quilts are beautiful and made more so with your amazing quilting!!

  4. Always fun to see what you are working on, and I enjoy seeing your quilting, Nancy!

  5. Great quilts and stories to go with. When my son was little he would have loved having a Turtle quilt-he was very into them!

  6. Very nicely done! The chain link quilt is absolutely gorgeous. I just love that design! Labyrinth looks very fun and your florals are beautiful.

  7. Wow, you've been quilting a storm.

    I love those paper pieced TMNT!

  8. Great stories behind these beautiful quilts!

  9. Lots of busy work for you. The quilts look great.

  10. Love all of these.. but 90 pieces per ninja turtle... that's a ninja feat in itself! The colours in Karen and Patty's quilts are both superb and after quilting they are all amazing.


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