Saturday, November 24, 2018

November Minikins Challenge ✅

Sara @ Sew Sweetness is doing a monthly challenge with her Minikins patterns. The Minikins are a bundle of 12 small bags/projects that come with downloadable pdf instructions, patterns and step-by-step videos. 

The Minikins challenge for November is the Trifle Tumbler pouch. There are three sizes:

I quilted my fabric first. It's not necessary when using Annie's Soft and Stable, but it's lovely to quilt Soft & Stable, and fabric always looks better quilted:

I have to take my Red Snappers off my longarm when I quilt Soft & Stable, due to the spongey thickness. No problem though--that's quick and easy to do. I quilted both pieces of fabric in a row, as you can see here:

I quilted up quite a bit of fabric, 1/2 yard of the stripes and 1 yard of the "lava lamps", so you will be seeing more projects made from these fabrics in the future. Here's the back of the Soft & Stable:

These pouches really do tumble, so I needed some assistants to keep them from tumbling while I took photos! They were handmade by a Japanese woman from upcycled shirt fabric. I made the large Trifle Tumbler first:

Both of these fabrics are digitally printed. I used a hot pink Grunge for the lining on all three Trifle Tumblers. Here's the medium:

Only one holder was needed for the small size:

I love these zippers! They come packaged with 3 yards of zipper and 12 pulls, made by Sallie Tomato. The coils look like metal, but they are nylon which makes them easier to cut and sew.

Sara @ Sew Sweetness demonstrated how to apply the zipper head to the zipper coil in her recent video using a fork. Brilliant!

Make sure you check out Sara's link-up to see all the creative versions of the Trifle Tumbler, here.

See you in December for the final Minikins challenge for 2018!

Grace and peace!!! ~Nancy    

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  1. What a great project, they are such pretty pouches and would make lovely gifts. Love your photo helpers too!

  2. Beautiful tumblers, lovely quilting, and great pictures!

  3. Great little bags. Lava lamp fabric - fun.

  4. Love these bags, and thanks for the tip on where you got the zippers. I haven't watched the video with the fork tute, but now I'm curious.

  5. You sure are getting your money's worth with these patterns!! I have never used zippers on a roll, I might just have to check them out;) That texture from quilting on the Soft and Stable is fantastic!!!!

  6. The quilting, fabrics, and the final products are so cute. Great work.
    Quilter Bonnie

  7. Your tumblers are so cute. That lava lamp fabric is so fun, and I love the way you quilted it. Those zippers are cute, I'll have to check them out. I like that they look metal but are easier to work with. Thanks for sharing your project on MCM Nancy!

  8. so cute especially the animal vanna whites


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