Sunday, October 31, 2021

🌊The Great Wave Off Kanagawa 🌊

I quilted up this famous scene of "The Great Wave Off Kanagawa", a copy of the original woodblock print made by the Japanese artist, Hokusai, in the year 1831!!!
Quilt Info
Maker: Me!!!
Fabric: Japanese Tenugui
Size: 15" X 35"
Batting: Quilters Dream Poly
Thread: Glide--Cleopatra, Tar Heel, and Sky
Pantograph: Rolling Hills ⤵️ from Julie Hirt
Interesting Info: I was reading Cynthia's blog over at Wabi-Sabi-Quilts recently. Cynthia is an American currently living in Tokyo. I noticed she was using some Japanese "tenugui" in her quilt. "Tenugui" are hand towels made of 100% cotton, definitely on the thin side, therefore they dry quickly. They come in a standard size of 15" X 35", with the long edges having a selvage and the short ends not hemmed, which allows them to dry quicker. 

They come in many decorative prints, ranging from prints with advertising that are handed out for free, to beautiful works of art. They have a multitude of uses. Besides the obvious hand towel, they can be used as sweatbands, a box or package wrapper, dishcloth, washcloth, plus more, and are often given as gifts! There are entire stores dedicated to Tenugui in Japan!!!
Reading about Tenugui reminded me that I have some that I brought back from Japan. I dug through my closet and discovered, gulp! I have 47 of them!!! I showed them to DD2 and was asking her opinion on what I could make out of them. She had no specific idea, but she did fall in love with this one of Hokusai's famous woodblock print--"The Great Wave Off Kanagawa", and requested it as a wall hanging! That is something I can do!!!
"The Great Wave Off Kanagawa" is the most famous of all Japanese art. It is the first of a series of 36 Views of Mount Fuji that Hokusai, the artist, made. 
For backing I used this print that features another Japanese woodblock artist, Hiroshige and his series of "The 53 Stations of the Tokaido", which was made following Hokusai's series, and features famous views from along the Tokaido Road. ⤵️
I quilted this Tenugui in a traditional sashiko design, called "Seigaiha"--Ocean Waves.
DD2 recently returned from a trip and immediately took it to her place to hang it on her wall! I'm always glad to squeeze in a squirrel project for my loved ones!!!

Grace and peace!!! ~Nancy

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  1. Wow, that is neat! Of course you can't turn your family down when they ask for something, especially when it's right up your alley!

  2. Beautiful job. The quilting design works so well with the towel. I used to buy kitchen towels when we traveled as it was something to remind me of the area and was a useful addition to the house. Last time we traveled internationally we hardly bought anything.

  3. Very pretty and interesting, that was a perfect use of the towel.

  4. I can see why she wanted that particular piece - it's gorgeous! Your quilting just puts it over the top! Nicely done, Nancy!

  5. Hi Nancy, what a lovely project. It really is gorgeous. It sounds like there may be more towel projects in the future! :-)

  6. Oh my what a precious quilt!! Both the top and the backing is so special, and the sachiko design ... perfection on this quilt!

  7. This is beautiful! Thank you for sharing. Reading about the Japanese Tenugui really made my travel bug squirm! I love visiting places and, of course, buying new fabrics from those places!

  8. The prettiest squirrel ever. Love the quilting. Who knew a quickie could be so satisfying :-)

  9. This piece is gorgeous and so sweet that your DD2 wanted it. The quilting is just perfect. Did you treat it any differently on the frame? I wonder what plan you will come up with for the rest?

  10. That is so striking!! And I love how you quilted it. Squirrel projects requested by our kids are the best!

  11. I always love hearing and learning about Japanese culture from you Nancy. Tenugui is new to me, and what you did with this particular one is just wonderful, as are the shots outdoors. You have more vibrant colours than we currently do, but I'm hoping ours will get there. Thanks for linking up with DrEAMi - yours and mine had similar recipients!

  12. What a great way to present such a famous piece of art. I think you have done it justice with your beautiful quilting and presentation.

  13. That is a gorgeous piece! I had never heard of Tengugi before, learn something new all the time.

  14. Hi,
    Awesome quilt. Love all the colors of
    blue you used..have a great day!

  15. Wonderful quilt, I love your quilting, so pretty. Beautiful scenery for shootings too!


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