Saturday, November 13, 2021

Sampler Quilt 👶 Baby Size

Lynn made this fun, cheerful quilt in Beginning Quiltmaking class!!! 
Quilt Info:
Maker: Lynn, Japan missionary & hospice chaplain
Size: 44" X 44"
Batting: Quilters Dream 100% Cotton Request
Thread: Mint
Pantograph: Flower Swirl ⤵️ from Judi Madsen
Interesting Info: This is Lynn's first quilt made by following a pattern. Her class was 7 weeks long. The blocks are from the book Farm Girl Vintage by Lori Holt. When Lynn finished, she decided to donate her quilt to Jack's Basket, where babies with Down syndrome are celebrated with a basket of encouragement, including a quilt!!! 
This is a little on the large size for Jack's Basket--they prefer 36" square quilts that will fit in the basket, which in turn goes into a box. I used the thinnest cotton batting available--Quilters Dream, "Request" thickness. And I quilted it quite densely. The quilting brought it down one inch, to 43" square. After Lynn puts the binding on and sends it through the washer and dryer a few times, that should bring the size down quite a bit more. We're hoping it will fit in a basket!!! Especially since it's not a fluffy quilt.
Lynn favors Kaffe Fassett fabrics, and just about anything else that is bright, cheerful and floral, too, as Lynn is also keen on gardening!!!
For backing, Lynn used some extra-wide fabric! ⤵️
Lynn's favorite block ended up being her orange, green and pink block, so she featured it in the center of her quilt!!!⤵️
Great job, Lynn!!! There are many more happy quilts in your future!!!

Grace and peace!!! ~Nancy


  1. Such a beautiful quilt and the quilting is equally as beautiful. It will be a lovely quilt for a young recipient. Happy quilting

  2. Such a cheery quilt and the quilting is fun too!

  3. What a fun first sampler quilt! How lovely that it will go to Jack’s Basket.

  4. I hope Lynn continues to quilt, she certainly has a knack for it! The quilting looks great, Nancy! What a neat quilt for JB!

  5. Lynn did a beautiful job with her blocks from her Beginner's class and (as always) you did a lovely job with the quilting, Nancy!!

  6. Beautiful quilt, fantastic quilting! Lynn has a quilting future, for sure!

  7. The quilting on this piece is fantastic. What a cheerful little quilt!

  8. OWO it is a beautiful baby quilt. You and Lynn did a great job on this one. ♥

  9. what a lovely quilt. The color combination and the quilting all are perfect.

  10. I love a sampler quilt, and this one is so pretty! Great fabric choices.

  11. Great job Nancy and Lynn. Such a bright and cheerful quilt. Whoever gets this quilt through Jack's Basket will be thrilled and encouraged.
    Quilter Bonnie

  12. Congrats to Lynn! I'm sure they'll find a way to fit that into a basket.


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