Thursday, March 24, 2022

Then Sings My Soul 🎶

I love the song, "How Great Thou Art" and bought this kit the moment I saw it as part of the 2018 Row By Row Experience!!! 
Quilt Info:
Maker: Me!!!
Size: 15" X 15"
Batting: Quilters Dream Poly
Thread: Glide--Putty
Quilting: Matchstick ⤵️ I started the matchstick quilting by marking horizontal lines with my Hera marker and a ruler. Next  I loaded my piece on the longarm, along with backing and batting, and quilted those lines first. ⤵️  
Then I went back in and filled in. I did it freehand so there's an organic feel to the quilting. ⤵️
Interesting Info: I bought this as a kit from Sewing Seeds Quilt Co. in New Ulm, MN. It's their original design. I did all the embroidery while on a road trip in January. When we got back home, I did the wool applique by fusible web.

I decided on very dense matchstick quilting, in order to avoid hand or machine buttonhole stitching all those small wool applique pieces! 
I dropped the border fabric that came with the kit and opted for a chunky binding in the fabric of my choosing, to give the piece the look of a picture frame. I followed Latifah Saafir's Chunky Binding tutorial and cut my binding at 5". 
The back is Grunge with some corner tabs, a flat dowel and a Command strip for hanging.
It's hanging in my longarm studio, another update to my wall hangings!
Grace and peace!!! ~Nancy


  1. Lovely wall-hanging. I have never tried matchstick quilting and may have to give it a try on something small.

  2. SEW beautiful, Nancy!! Nice job on that matchstick quilting. Freehand on the longarm? My mind is blown!

  3. Love this! That was a good way to complete the quilt with matchstick quilting, instead of hand-stitching down the leaves, etc. This is a beautiful quilt for your wall!

  4. So pretty ! A favorite hymn of mine too! Sung at my dad’s funeral 52 years ago! Thanks so much for the link to Latifah’s video! I have never done a wide binding. But I will try it soon!

  5. Another pretty finish, Nancy. That is a favorite song of mine, too. I need to check out that binding tutorial, thanks for giving the link! Your wall is looking really nice with all those lovely quilts!

  6. Love this finish, Nancy. The quilt looks like a lot of fun to make and the matchstick quilting is perfect. I love the wide binding and will check out the tutorial! I remembered I wanted to do the hanging triangles for the piece I am finishing today - last night - and this proves to be a great reminder. Lots of great quilts on the wall!

  7. Hi,
    Your finish is looks quite happy
    hanging on your wall. Have a great day!

  8. This is so lovely! The wide binding and using matchstick quilting on raw edge applique and both new skills that I think I should try sometime soon. Thanks for sharing!

  9. So gorgeous and love the quilting. And such a pretty binding, you used. Have a great weekend

  10. Hi Nancy, what a lovely finish! The matchstick stitching over the flowers really subdue the colours of the flowers. You did a great job and it looks good on your wall! Thanks for linking up to Free Motion Mavericks. Take care.

  11. One of my favorite hymns, too! This is appliqué and hand embroidery, right? Beautiful!

  12. Absolutely beautiful! How Great Thou Art is my favorite also. Hugs

  13. This looks great with the matchstick quilting. Your studio is looking lovely.

  14. I love a densely quilted piece, and the extra chunky binding is the perfect frame for this. Looks like it is positioned perfectly in your studio to help your soul sing every day!

  15. The choice of matchstick quilting was the perfect one! This little quilt looks very pretty on your studio. The binding is beautiful too, a great idea to make it looking like a frame.
    Thank you for sharing your inspiration, and linking up!


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