Friday, May 27, 2022

💎Jewel 💎

Gudrun's virtual quilt retreats are a blast!!! Here's the second quilt I started making during Gudrun's @ GE Designs virtual retreat in March of this year!!!
The first quilt I finished from the same retreat was Strippy Stairways. Watch for the third pattern from the retreat to appear on my blog soon, Strippy Dippy.

Quilt Info:
Maker: Me!!!
Pattern: Jewel by Gudrun Erla of GE Designs
Size: 72" X 72"
Fabrics: Feathered Nest from Northcott + blenders
Batting: Quilters Dream 100% Cotton
Thread: Glide--Tar Heel
Pantograph: Feathers ⤵️ from Intelligent Quilting
What better quilting motif with this bird themed fabric than feathers!!!
Interesting Info: I resized the original throw and made my quilt to hang over my IKEA cubicle where I store my fabric collection. Here's the before and after photos! ⤵️
I made my former quilt curtain ⤴️ about 17 years ago when we lived in Japan. We spent one week in the heat of summer that year at the mountain village of Nojiri, where there are 200+ rustic cabins owned by foreigners. I recall sewing this quilt top together in between visits to the beach, bike rides around the lake, visiting the hot springs and spending time with other missionaries. This is the only place in Japan where rhubarb is grown, imported by foreigners and relished by summer visitors!
If you're wondering how the quilt stays up, I have a quilted piece about 12" x the width of the cubicle that I sew onto the top of the quilt. ⤴️ That flap tucks under the 3 antique Japanese storage baskets on top of the IKEA cubicle.
I love these fabrics--chickadees, birds' nests and eggs, pussy willows and feathers!!!
Gudrun designed all three quilt patterns just for the virtual retreat. The patterns will be included in her next book, Stripology Mixology 3, coming out this summer!
A big reason I love chickadees so much is because they remind me of my dad. He's been gone 3 years now. He fed the birds for 50+ years at their home in the country and could identify birds just by their call. When he retired, he started wood carving and many of his subjects were birds. Below is one of the chickadees he carved. He also taught children how to carve chickadee pins at the county fair every year. Here are a couple pins he taught our DD2 to make. ⤵️ 
For backing, I found this piece of Japanese fabric in my collection that was just the right size! I've always loved this indigo print. ⤵️
Gudrun made these custom labels at Spoonflower for every retreater!!! ⤵️ How cool is that?!!
I had this indigo fabric in my collection for the perfect binding! ⤵️
Grace and peace!!! ~Nancy


  1. I like this pattern!! Everything about it, your fabrics are perfect!!! That indigo is a great choice!!!

  2. Such a pretty quilt and I love the feather quilting design. And the chickadees. Perfect!

  3. The feather quilting motif is perfect. Excellent choice and well executed.

  4. Wonderful quilt! Love those carved chickadees, what a wonderful keepsake from your father.

  5. Your quilt is beautiful!! Woodcarvers amaze me, the chickadee is a treasure:)

  6. What a wonderful quilt! Lovely fabrics, great design, amazing workmanship. And I love the carved chickadees. Such a nice memento of your father.

  7. What a wonderful group of stories! I love the old quilt and hope that it is one that is in good enough shape to keep. Love hearing about your time in Japan. The fabrics in the new quilt are so much fun. The memories of your father and stories of him and birds, carving and time teaching carving are so sweet. What a wonderful reminder to have in your studio. I do love this pattern, too, as well as the way you "hang" the quilt - perfect!

  8. I love the colors in your quilt! The fabric is lovely and the pattern is fun! The backing fabric is a perfect match!

  9. Oooooooh, lovely quilt! You have wonderful fabrics in your stash, and I love how this pattern reveal them in the reflection game. Great memory too, your dad made beautiful wood carving.
    Great way to "attach" the quilt on top of the shelf ;)
    Thank you so much for sharing, and linking up!

  10. What a lovely quilt. The fabrics are so sweet and a nice reminder of Dad. A genius way to cover your fabric curation!

  11. No wonder you love the fabric collection :) Also genius way of "hanging" the quilt. And I am in love with that pantograph! xo

  12. I love BOTH of the quilts you've finished from your virtual retreat. The fabric is beautiful and loved the quilting motifs on both. Pure awesomeness!!

  13. I love the high contrast, graphic nature of this geometric design. Thank you for linking up with me for TGIFF.

  14. Its beautiful!
    and what fun learning more about your time in Japan

  15. Always fun to see what you are making when you sew with Gudrun! What a pretty quilt, and I love all the Asian fabrics. The bird carvings are so lovely, too!

  16. What a great quilt! I can see why you like taking part in Gudrun's sessions. I have enjoyed all the quilts you have made with her over the years. That is a gorgeous fabric line and the feather quilting is a delight. Great backing too. You must have brought a lot home with you. I might have to watch out for these quilting sessions myself. And I love the way you are using it as a curtain. Fantastic idea. Wow to all of it!!!!


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