Tuesday, September 13, 2022

➕National Positive Thinking Day ➕

Happy National Positive Thinking Day!!! September 13th! I have a special finish today--this is my 7th National Day quilt out of 8 that I'm finishing this year!!!
Quilt Info:
Contributors: Tama Quilters of Fuchu-shi, Tokyo, Japan
Size: 39" x 20"
Batting: Hobbs 80/20 Black
Thread: Glide--Lead Grey
Pantograph: Best Fronds ⤵️ from The Longarm League
The name of this panto made it a perfect choice: Best Fronds!!!
Interesting Info: Tama Quilters is a group of 6 quilters who quilted together in each other's homes in the 2000's in Tokyo. We took the summer months off and worked on "summer homework"--a block swap that we shared with each other when we got back together in September. 

Most of us have moved to different locations now but we continue to do "summer homework" every other summer. This swap was from 2015! 
The reason I chose National Positivity Day to debut this quilt is obviously because the blocks are "plus" blocks. Each of us made 9 "plus" blocks for each of the 6 members, for a total of 54 blocks! They finish at 3" each.
The five other quilters made 9 identical blocks for each of us. Above ⤴️, left to right, red calico blocks are from Abe Akiko-san, floral calico blocks are from Aizawa Keiko-san, butterfly wings blocks are from Suzuki Setsuko-san, solid yellow blocks are from Takamatsu Yoshie-san and bright blue solid blocks are from Hirose Mihoko-san. 

I missed the memo about making 9 identical blocks--I made 9 rainbow assorted blocks for each person. I ended up blending my blocks into the quilt in the upper left hand corner and the bottom right hand corner as best I could!!! 
This rainbow binding ⤴️ ties all the colors of the quilt together!!!
For backing I used this Japanese butterfly fabric with a black background! I found some black Japanese kanji print for the hanging sleeve! ⤴️ Fortunately I had a piece of black batting just the right size to use for this quilt!!!
Here's where it hangs in my longarm studio! ⤴️ And if you're wondering how that rainbow jelly roll quilt stays up, there's a super heavy, super old laptop holding it in place!?! 
I entered my Positivity/Plus quilt in our local county fair in August and received a blue ribbon! ⤴️ You may also recognized my National Cherry Blossom Day quilt in the photo!

Here are my National Day quilts for 2022 so far! ⤵️ Come back for my last National Day quilt--Lucy Boston Day on December 10th, her birthday!!!
Thank you, Tama Quilters!!! These quilts are bringing me joy!!! Just one more to go and I'll be caught up!!! See you back here on December 10th!

Grace and peace!!! ~Nancy


  1. It is so neat that the 6 of you continue to do (and enjoy) summer homework together! This is another fun quilt, Nancy!

  2. Best Fronds--love the name of the design as well as your quilting of it! Perfect for that piece!

  3. What a great way to stay in touch with your Japanese quilty friends. I love your positivity quilt, black background makes those bright colours really pop! ~Diana K

  4. Great idea for a block swap, and how fun that your group still stitches together! :)

  5. You are sure doing well with your catching up goal for all the national holidays. I am a day late but maybe I should call today a positive thinking day nonetheless? Enjoy your finish! I love plus blocks and your quilt looks great. xo

  6. This quilt is a favorite. So striking with the black backround.

  7. You have had a lot of fun making little quilts for National Days. Congrats on the ribbons!

  8. Congrats and I am finally getting my Bloggers emails again through follow.it or feeds! Took me awhile to realize that I was not getting them!!!

  9. Love celebrating National Days with quilts - nice work!

  10. What a cool quilt. Such a lovely reminders of your group from Japan. Thanks for sharing on Wednesday Wait Loss.

  11. I'm with Susan! Love the National Days quilts. What a fun project! Made all the batter because they are done with friends. Priceless!

  12. Iti s a beautiful quilt, and how fun that it has such great memories in it!!

  13. Oh gosh! I missed out on National Positive Thinking Day! What was I thinking that day? I hope I was thinking positively! :-) Your Positive/Plus quilt is adorable, and congratulations for receiving a blue ribbon on it at your county fair. That's great! You sure made some wonderful memories with your quilting friends in Japan, didn't you? Those friendships just keep giving and giving.

  14. Your National Day quilts are so fun. And whatever it takes for displaying a quilt, right? lol


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