Friday, November 24, 2023

GE Class Pack 2

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you, wherever you live!!! I love this reminder to be thankful every day!!!⤵️
Now on to quilting!!! Gudrun @ GE Designs has a 2nd class pack--two quilt patterns with video instructions! She suggests to make both quilts out of 12 half yards. I wanted my quilts made out of different fabrics, as you can see below!!! ⤵️ One is very soft and one is very bright!!!
Quilt Info #1:
Maker: Me!
Pattern: Velocity from GE Designs 
Size: 57" x 64"
Batting: Quilters Dream 80/20
Thread: Glide--Linen
Pantograph: Amoebas Gone Wild ⤵️ from Urban Elementz
With so much movement in this quilt pattern, I went with an simple allover meander for quilting, called "Amoebas Gone Wild"!⤴️⤵️
Interesting Info: The class pack comes with 3 teaching videos for the Velocity pattern, as well as 3 teaching videos for the Lucy pattern! Gudrun takes us step-by-step through the process, from picking fabrics, piecing and quilting design recommendations!
This Grunge background color is called "Metropolis Fog"--white with a lot of grey brushstrokes. It's a new favorite of mine!!!
I pieced together leftover extra-wide fabrics and came up with a scrappy strip backing!!!⤵️
We took a morning hike at Spring Lake Park Reserve in our county. We were hoping to catch sight of the bison that graze in the fields, but no luck! The leaves were beautiful, though, and made up for it!!!
Note: There's a misprint on the size of the throw--the pattern reads 58" x 72", but the corrections on the GE web site lists the corrected size as 58" x 65". If I would've noticed this beforehand, I would've lengthened my quilt.
Quilt Info #2:
Maker: Me!
Pattern: Lucy from GE Designs 
Size: 60" x 75"
Batting: Quilters Dream 80/20
Thread: Signature Cotton Variegated--Tie Dye; Glide--Chestnut in bobbin
Pantograph: Jessica's Vidalia ⤵️ from Urban Elementz
Interesting Info: I bought this variegated thread⤴️⤵️, plus 2 others, at a quilt garage sale for $1 each, per large cone! It's 100% cotton and a bit tricky to get good tension--cotton thread + cotton fabrics + cotton batting = sticky drag and tension fiddling. I do want to make use of this thread though so I used it here on my own colorful quilt. 

I've used it on 3 quilts now, and still have enough for another quilt! This is the spool that keeps on giving!!!
For this quilt, I simply picked 40-10" squares out of my spare "collection"--if I have enough leftover while cutting out a quilt I cut a 10" square. For a color palette, I used this Design Seeds paint chip idea. ⤵️ You can find thousands of color palette ideas on their Instagram page. 
For a backing, I went through my unused fat quarters and picked out 20, cutting them all at 17 1/2" x 20".⤵️ I love these prints, but a lot of them are large scale and a bit tricky to use in a quilt block!
Scrappy binding!⤵️ All from my scrap 2 1/2" drawer. I went with lighter colors, to off-set the black squares.
Only one of these prints is a solid! All the rest are blenders or prints that read as solid!!!⤵️
I recommend this class pack! It was great motivation to work through these two patterns. Plus, there's an exclusive Facebook page for members to post and peruse others' finished quilts from the class!

Grace and peace!!! ~Nancy


  1. They are both so pretty for different reasons, love the motion of the first one. And the second one for all it's pretty bright fabrics.

  2. I love both of those, Nancy - each one is pretty and unique! That Grunge background is great - I'll have to keep an eye out for that one. And what a fun idea to collect 10 inch squares to use later like a layer cake!

  3. That rainbow thread is fabulous, what a score! Thanks for sharing the pantograph names, now is a good time to shop for them because they're on sale right now.

  4. Nancy, I love both of the quilts you made, especially appreciating that you pieced backings for them. I coming to value that ability more and more, as my stash gets ever-smaller. The pictures you took at Spring Lake Park Reserve are lovely. The contrasting colors of nature, against the paler colors of Velocity, are nice. Gudrun did a good job of naming that quilt design because the movement is quite visible, especially from a distance. It's great that you found bargain thread! What a deal! A cone of Aurifil 50-weight is now $55! I remember when it was "only" $30, and thought that was high. When I was working in a quilt shop, back in 2003 or so, I remember when Aurifil first came on the market. The shop sold it for $4.95 a spool. Ahh, those were the days. I have a few pieces of Grunge, but I've never seen that pretty neutral Metropolis Fog. Love it! You've done a great job with Gudrun's designs, and I have no doubt you're gonna find great homes - yours? - for both of these.

  5. The quilts are fun and look great! Thanks for sharing your very helpful fabric management tips! The outdoor photos are beautiful! :)

  6. Nancy I love the Velocity in the softer colors. Fog is one of my favorite grunges. The park for hikes looks like a great place to get lost for a few hours!!

  7. What great quilts! Velocity is fun and has movement, even in a more muted color palette. The design seed inspiration for Lucy was a fun idea and so successful. I love the colors and the movement in this one too. Nice use of a lot of pieces - always a bonus!

  8. Fabulous finishes. I love the quilting design with variegated thread on the 2nd quilt

  9. Beautiful quilts, I love them both, with bright and soft colors, depending of the mood ;) Love this variegated thread too, and the creative backings!
    Thank you for sahring your pretty quilts, and linking up!

  10. Two beautiful finishes!!! These two patterns of Gundren's are a great combo. I like how you "gathered" your fabrics from stash for the fronts and backs. Your bonus buy from the garage sale sure stitched beautifully! Although I hadn't considered the drag one gets from the cotton thread going through cotton fabric/batting!--Terry@OnGoingProjects

  11. Yes, two fab finishes! I really like the 2nd quilt, the contrast of the bright colours against the black works so well!

  12. Wow - both are such beautiful quilts. I love the colors of the second one, but the design of that first one is really intriguing.

  13. These are both gorgeous, Nancy! I really love the colors in the second one but both are fantastic. Thanks for sharing on Monday Musings!

    1. PS: When I saw "Class pack", my muscle car mind went immediately to "Glass pack"!! Loved the sound of those mufflers! LOL LOL


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