Sunday, March 31, 2024

Happy Easter!!!🐣

 Happy Easter!!! The day that changed history!!! He is risen!!! 

Here are some of my Easter decorations and handmades: the bunnies and wooden eggs were carved by my Dad, the decorated eggs were made by my childhood friend and next door neighbor, and I made the bunny hop mini quilt, fabric basket and felt bunny item.
Four more fabric baskets I made, and each one stuffed with a Squishmallow!!! ⤵️
And the real reason for the season, we celebrate Jesus, laying down His life for us, defeating death and giving eternal life to all who believe in Him!
Happy Easter!!! 

Grace and peace!!! ~Nancy


  1. He is Risen! Happy Easter. I love the felt item, I need to do more of that kind of craft, but I have 1 piece that still isn't finished. LOL.

  2. Happy Easter! Great decorations Nancy.

  3. Lovely decorations, I love your Dad's bird and bunnies! And these fabric baskets are very cute! Happy Easter ;)
    Thank you for sharing!

  4. Happy Easter! Love your table and the baskets and squishmallows are adorable. Is the sleeping bag from the basket leftovers? I am afraid I am not up on these things.

  5. He is Risen - hallelujah! What a pretty group of decorations! The carvings by your dad, what a treasure. I'm sure the recipients of those baskets are happy!

  6. Easter blessings going your way! What a great collection of special memories you've shared with us. They are s meaningful and unique. Hope you had an enjoyable day :)

  7. He is risen, indeed!! Hallelujah! These decorations are so special. You did a fantastic job on those baskets and those Squishmallows are adorable stuffed inside! My grands all wanted those for Christmas last year. They are really cute! I know those items carved by your Dad and the decorated eggs by your childhood friend hold so many treasured memories! Thanks for linking up with Monday Musings.

  8. He is Risen Indeed! I love that you have those carved decorations made by your dad - so precious! Thanks for joining in on Monday This & That! xx


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