Thursday, May 30, 2024

▶ 4 Quilts ◀

I have been busy quilting and must catch up with blogging! Here are 4 beautiful quilts I've quilted recently:
Quilt Info #1:
Maker: Kyle
Size: 44" x 48"
Batting: Quilters Dream 100% White Cotton
Thread: Glide--Linen
Pantograph: Baptist Fan ⤵️ from Three Sisters Fabric
Kyle chose the timeless, classic Baptist Fan quilting. Doesn't this quilt look chic and modern in these colors with this setting!!!
Interesting Info: Kyle made this for her future great-grandchild. She's working ahead, since her grandchildren are currently 4 and 2!!! What a great idea!!!
She chose this fun, modern, neutral backing fabric!!!⤵️
Super cute, modern finish, Kyle!!!
Quilt Info #2:
Maker: Susan
Size: 42" x 45"
Batting: Warm & Natural
Thread: Glide--Putty
Pantograph: Soho ⤵️ from Urban Elementz
Susan picked "Soho" quilting--a fun pantograph that looks great on so many quilts!!!
Interesting Info: This panel was part of the Quilt Minnesota fabrics. Susan picked it because she so fondly remembers having a sled like this when she was a child! I had one also!!!
Susan's backing is another fabric from the same Quilt Minnesota fabric line!⤵️
Quilt Info #3:
Maker: Susan
Size: 44" x 47"
Batting: Warm & Natural
Thread: Glide--Aqua
Pantograph: Soho ⤵️ from Urban Elementz
More "Soho" quilting!!!⤴️⤵️
This might look very familiar! It's the turquoise version of the same panel! The two panels, one turquoise and one green, were printed back to back, across 42" of fabric. So when you buy the panel, you get two!!!
Same backing!⤵️ Part of the same fabric line.
Susan framed both quilts with batiks and these fun stars in the four corners.⤵️
Quilt Info #4:
Maker: Susan
Size: 54" x 67"
Batting: Warm & Natural
Thread: Glide--Basil
Pantograph: Sangria ⤵️ from Apricot Moon
Susan picked "Sangria" for quilting on this, which is a nice, evenly spaced out pantograph that works especially well with a Minkee back!⤴️⤵️
Here's the whole panel, combined with some fun batik piecing!!!⤵️
And the beautiful turquoise/teal/aqua Minkee backing!!!⤵️
Super fun and beautiful!!! Susan has so many great panel quilt ideas!!!
Beautiful, inspiring quilts!!!

Grace and peace!!! ~Nancy


  1. Well you know how much I love panels so I had to check out these beauties!! Did she have patterns for the borders on these or make up her own?

    1. Susan said she gets most of her panel patterns as free patterns from EQuilter. Check them out here:

  2. Beautiful! The churn dash quilt just pops with the Baptist Fan quilting. I love those "Minnesota-themed paneled quilts with Soho, what a pretty panto. The Minkee-backed quilt looks so soft and pretty, and Sangria really fits it.

  3. Great job on all! Love that sled panel, so cute. And that Churn Dash is adorable. Thanks for linking up with TGIFF today!

  4. Those panel quilts are beautiful! What a fun memory of the sleds and what a great way to print the fabric so you could have two panels!!--TerryK@OnGoingProjects

  5. A bundle of pretty quilts. Love the soft colors of the churn dash quilt, and the panels are so creative and pretty. I had a runner sled, too - great memories!

  6. You have been busy, Nancy. Al of the quilts are beautiful and the quilting is spectacular. Fabulous job by all. Have a great weekend. Hugs.

  7. These all look great, but my fave is the churn dash! Love it!

  8. All four quilts are great. That churn dash is classic. Not colors I would have chosen but they are perfect. May need to go look for some of those fabric colors. Classic quilt with a perfect backing.

  9. Wow, beautiful quilts, I love the panels' borders! Your quilting is beautiful, I love the Fans and Soho, but Sangria is my favorite, what a great effect on this bears' panel! Thank you for taking the time to share your work ;)

  10. Beautiful! that is a great idea to work ahead - but shew - thats a long way hahahaha!!

  11. I too had one of those sleds -- I don't think it made the move to California though! This is another great post with a lot of eye candy. It gives me a lot of ideas for the two or three panels I have in the stash. And, as always, I enjoy seeing which quilting designs go on the quilts. Thanks for a fun read.

  12. Kyle cracks me up making a quilt for a future great grandchild. I wonder how it's modern sensibilities will hold up? Love the 2 for one panels, and yes I had the same sled too! Fun quilts as usual by your great clients with great quilting by you!

  13. Wonderful quilting. Thanks for sharing in my Sew and Tell party.


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