Thursday, March 1, 2018

Think Spring 🌸

Julie asked for some "spring-like" quilting on this quilt top of hers. 

"Oma's Garden" quilting is exactly that, spring-like. March has arrived, and we here in Minne"snow"ta are ready for Spring!

I love how the quilting shows up in these big yellow centers:

Julie used extra-wide backing for this 86" X 96" quilt.

Great job, Julie! This quilt will definitely have you thinking spring!

Grace & peace!!! ~Nancy
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  1. Vibrant colors and beautiful quilting to compliment it!
    Quilter Bonnie

  2. That is a perfect quilt for spring, and you're right, Oma's Garden is a great quilting pattern for the quilt. I love the colors of the quilt in the picture where it's on the frame! So pretty!

  3. Indeed we are wanting spring and you put spring into this quilt with a great panto! When I saw the yellow centers it reminded me to be on the lookout for the daffodils pretty soon!

  4. Hi Nancy! Oh so fun to see these lovely colorful quilts you get to work on! I like your quilting on this. What color of thread do you generally use when you have a multi-colored quilt?

    1. That's a great question, Janice! I usually look at a quilt and use the color I see the most of, for the thread color. On this one I used "Lemon Ice" colored thread, for those middle sections. I can be influenced by the color of the backing, too, since I used the same color thread on top and bobbin.

  5. Spring should be coming soon to MN. We got a burst of winter again in AZ last week. Temps down in the 50s and 60s. I know, I know. But we were getting used to the 80s. Love your quilting. You are definitely living my dream jobs: working in a fabric store and quilting for others on a longarm. Love your work.

  6. So pretty! Like big bursts of sunlight filtering through a flower garden :)

  7. Great quilting choice. Love all those flowers and swirls.

  8. Such a beautiful finish! love all the colors and the great quilting.

  9. Lovely job on the quilting, Nancy! Hoping that the warmth and sunshine of Spring arrives soon. I guess they don't call it Minne"snow"ta for nothing!!

  10. What a beauty! The quilting is a real compliment to the quilt. Nicely done! Com'on SPRING!


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