Wednesday, December 30, 2020

๐ŸŽ€ Best of 2020 ๐ŸŽ€

Welcome to my "Best of 2020" blog post! Cheryl over at Meadow Mist Designs is hosting a gathering of quilt bloggers' best five blog posts of the year!
There are no rules for listing the top five. I'm listing mine according to blog posts with the most views. You can see my "Best of 2019" here.

Starting with Number 5 for 2020:
This quilt design was made using Liz @ Savor Every Stitch's random half-square triangle quilt generator, and leftover bits from my Church Window Quilt. It's a super fun quilt pattern generator, and FREE! Thank you, Liz! Read the whole story and find the pattern generator link here.

Number 4:
Mini ๐Ÿš Brick ๐Ÿš Road Table Runner
Quilters have loved the Yellow Brick Road quilt pattern for 20 years now! In celebration of the 20th anniversary of the release of that pattern, the designer, Terry Atkinson, released the Mini Brick Road quilt pattern! Here's my version, made from a charm pack gifted to me from my Quiltin' Cousin Sue!

Number 3:
✂️Elvira--✂️Quarantine Quilt Along✂️
On March 20 & 21 of this crazy year, 16,000 quilters downloaded this quilt pattern for free and did a virtual quilt along with Gudrun of GE Designs! It brought the online quilting community together, while being quarantined at home, an unimaginable state for the whole world. Here's my finished quilt from that quilt along! I donated it to Minnesota Quilters President's Invitational for 2020, where it was given to Anna Marie's Alliance, a shelter for battered women and their children.

Number 2:
❍ How To Make a Wreath From Fabric Strips ❍
I made two fabric strip wreaths and wrote a how-to tutorial, hereI have a couple more wire forms, so I plan to make more. It's handy to have my own tutorial to look back at and refresh my memory on how I made them!

And Number 1, my most read blog post of 2020:
❖ Plaidish ❖
Such a fun scrappy pattern! And it's free!!! I picked through my stack of 5" charm squares, some leftover from charm packs, but most cut from my "collection". See all the details here, including where to find the free pattern, pressing instructions and credit to the mural artist! I donated this quilt to a summer camp for foster children, so hopefully it's being loved now!

Thanks for visiting, reading and commenting on my blog in 2020!!! I appreciate you stopping by!!!

Grace and peace!!! ~Nancy


  1. Nancy these five are beautiful. I love that haphazard quilt. I have the link bookmarked to try sometime. Happy New Year to you and your family. Hope everyone is staying healthy.

  2. I missed some of these, Nancy. You know sometimes I go under a rock. Therefore it is absolutely perfect to see these gorgeous beauties all in one place. I wish you continued creativity thereby ensuring continued joy and inspiration for your readers (including me) in the new year. Hugs from afar.

  3. I loved revisiting some of your finishes from 2020 and I bookmarked your wreath tutorial, I love it! Thanks for linking up and happy new year!

  4. These five are such fun to see again, Nancy! You have had such a great year of quilting. Happy New Year!

  5. I love all these quilts. They are all fabulous but there were so many others, too, in 2020. The good thing is that there will be more; looking forward to seeing what you create in 2021.

  6. Hi Nancy, your top 5 quilts are wonderful. I look forward to following your quilting adventure in 2021. Take care.

  7. It's so fun to read the best of 2020 posts! I must say out of the 5 you picked, Plaidish is my favorite. What a stunner ... I hope to make my own some day, when I have the right fabric.

  8. Great choices. So lovely to look back at achievements for the year.

  9. Nancy, what a wonderful array of cheerful color! I've copied Plaidish for someday....I had not seen Elvira and now my list is longer. Here's to a wonderful 2021!

  10. Thanks for sharing your top posts for 2020, Nancy! I remember being surprised to see your Mini Brick Road. The original pattern was my "go to" gift quilt for a number of years!

  11. Wonderful finishes! I especially love the Elvira quilt. How generous of you to donate it!

  12. Great little review! It's easy to see why these beautiful quilts were your most popular. Thanks for sharing on Wednesday Wait Loss.


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