Thursday, October 28, 2021

🐱National Cat Day Quilt🐱

Happy National Cat Day!!! October 29th! In celebration, I have a new cat quilt to show you!
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Quilt Info:
Makers: Myself + 4 Japanese Quilters
Size: 24" X 60"
Batting: Quilters Dream Poly
Thread: Glide--Denim
Quilting: Plover from Legacy Quilting ⤵️
I wanted a Japanese "sashiko" looking quilt design for this Japanese style quilt. "Plover" is a traditional sashiko pattern, called "Chidori Tsunagi" in Japanese.
I love how the quilting turned out!!! But it is not for the faint of heart! Although it is a computerized quilting design, I had to watch every stitch and give the quilt a "nudge" where one row meets the row above, to make sure the design touched in the right place. 
Interesting Info: 
Like my National Dog Day quilt, this quilt is the result of "summer homework" with my Japanese quilt friends in Tokyo, from 2013. We had a pattern with several cat poses and made six of the same block for each member in our group. (I don't recall why we only ended up with five this time. My guess is that someone had a busy life going on at the time.)

Here are the individual blocks and their makers, from the top of my quilt to the bottom. This first block was made by Mihoko Hirose! Mihoko is a pastor's wife. She studies Russian and translates Russian books to Japanese.⤵️
This block, featuring three cats, was made by Akiko Abe! Akiko is a piano teacher. ⤵️
Here's another three cat block, made by Yoshie Takamatsu! Yoshie is a math teacher. ⤵️
This is my block, made from linen yukata fabrics! ⤵️
And this block is made by Setsuko Suzuki! Setsuko is a para-professional in a Japanese elementary school. ⤵️
Both the background of Mihoko's block and my backing fabric consist of many kanji (Japanese words) for a variety of fish, cat's favorite food! ⤵️
This is a cat carving made by my dad!!! ⤵️ I guess it's thinking about fish!!!
I made this quilt to be a cover up for my cubicle shelf next to my longarm. ⤵️ I added extra solid fabric at the top, to tuck under the drawers, also made by my dad, and hold the quilt in place. The quilt hides some of my threads and paper work, but is still easily accessible for me!!!
Link up your cat and/or cat quilt photos from your blog or Instagram at Susan's link party, starting on October 29th!!! And happy National Cat Day!!!

Grace and peace!!! ~Nancy


  1. I think your cats are wonderful. Great fabrics and a perfect quilting design.

  2. Adorable!!! and i love the quilting on it!

  3. Your cat quilt is so cute and your use of fabrics is terrific!

  4. Wow! Fantastic. Love that quilting! Thanks for linking up to TGIFF.

  5. That is a great quilting design. But I think I'll pass on it. It looks terrific on your cat quilt. That's so cute. Hum, quilts to hide things that might look messy. I like the idea.

  6. Your quilt along with the quilting design is so unique! love the outline with bias trim. Hugs

  7. Hi Nancy, what a beautiful quilt. The Japanese fabrics are gorgeous and it looks great under your father's shelf!

  8. This is a fabulous quilt and what fun that you will get to look at it frequently. I love the quilting design and I can see how it could be “fun” matching up. I have yet to try one of those.

  9. Totally totally adorable! How did you do the black outlines? That quilting is mesmerizing!

    1. The black bias tape was hand appliqued on. The curves weren't bad. But the places where there were points were very tricky!!!

  10. What a beautiful cat quilt. I am very enthusiastic about your work. LG Barbara

  11. Nancy - I just love this cat quilt of yours! Though the blocks are from different makers, they all work together so well to make a striking quilt. Well done!

  12. Your cat quilt is so sweet. Also what a fantastic way to use it, functional and you get to enjoy it all the time. I love it!


  13. Hooooooo, beautiful collective quilt! You did a wonderful work, I love your cat block, and all of you ladies did a pretty quilt together. Lovely Plover quilting design, perfect choice!


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