Monday, December 6, 2021

Kannon's Baby👶Quilt

Isn't this a beautiful baby quilt, made by Lisa for her newborn grandson, Kannon!!!
Quilt Info:
Maker: Lisa
Pattern: Athena from Stripology Mixology 2 by GE Designs
Size: 38" X 54"
Batting: Quilters Dream 80/20
Thread: Glide--Tar Heel
Pantograph: Diagonal Plaid ⤵️ from Urban Elementz
Interesting Info: Lisa made this quilt for her grandson, just born in November!!! His family lives local, so there will be a lot of baby snuggles in the next few months! You can see Kannon's big sister, Camille's quilt, here!
Lisa used some gingham fabric from her mom's collection for the backing! Perfect!!! ⤵️
This is a fun quilt pattern designed by Gudrun Erla made from 10" squares!!!
So much fun, Lisa!!! Congrats on the arrival of Kannon!!!

Grace and peace!!! ~Nancy


  1. What a beautiful quilt, nice that she could raid her mom'sstash!

  2. That's beautiful, and I love the quilting you did. I'm sure the giver and receiver will treasure it.

  3. Such a pretty quilt, with lovely quilting! I hope she enjoys many hours of snuggles with her grandson!

  4. I have that Stripology Mixology 2 book - very fun to see something made from it! I have a little grandson born in October. Yes, lots of snuggles abound!

  5. It is a lovely quilt and I am sure that baby will love it. How fun that it has some fabric from great grandmother's stash! Diagonal plaid is the perfect design for this too!

  6. That works really well and looks great.

  7. Beautiful pattern, and quilt. The new baby is going to love it!


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