Sunday, October 22, 2023

5 Quilts✋

Here are three quilts from Susan, featuring her usual creative panels, and Lynn, with a couple of gift quilts!!!
Quilt Info #1:
Maker: Susan
Size: 48" x 65"
Batting: Warm & Natural
Thread: Glide--Lead Grey
Pantograph: Spindle ⤵️ from Urban Elementz
My favorite spiderweb quilting!⤴️⤵️
Minkee dots on back!!!⤵️
Quilt Info #2:
Maker: Susan
Size: 49" x 68"
Batting: Warm & Natural
Thread: Glide--Light Grey
Pantograph: Musical Meander ⤵️ from Pro-Stitcher
Interesting Info: This is Susan's second time around on this quilt--you can see her previous use of this panel here.
Quilt Info #3:
Maker: Susan
Size: 47" x 65"
Batting: Warm & Natural
Thread: Glide--Oyster
Pantograph: Friction ⤵️ from Urban Elementz
This quilting resembles the gears or chains on a bicycle!⤴️⤵️
More Minkee backing!!!⤵️
Strip quilts are a great way to feature a theme!!!
Quilt Info #4:
Maker: Lynn
Size: 58" x 80"
Batting: Quilters Dream 80/20
Thread: Glide--Cardinal
Pantograph: Winter Tempest 2 ⤵️ from My Creative Stitches
Snowflakes, holly berries and leaves, with windy swirls!⤴️⤵️
A great way to feature 10" squares!!!
Cute mittens on the back!⤵️
Interesting Info: Lynn made this for herself, but is giving it to a dear friend who fell in love with it! As quilters, we can always make another!
Quilt Info #5:
Maker: Lynn
Size: 58" x 86"
Batting: Quilters Dream 80/20
Thread: Glide--Thyme
Pantograph: Seuss Trees ⤵️ from 627handworks
Aren't these trees fun?!! Just like Dr. Seuss!!!⤴️⤵️
These are the 4 different panels.⤵️
Made for friends who love to camp!!! That orange inner border is so striking!⤵️
Great job, Susan, and Lynn!!! Thanks everyone for stopping by!!!

Grace and peace!!! ~Nancy


  1. Another great quilt show right here on your blog!! I love seeing what you quilt on each one.

  2. What a fun group of quilts. Each pantograph choice fits the work so well! I loved them all. The use of the ten inch squares. . .that was genius!--TerryK@OnGoingProjects

  3. All the quilts turned out beautifully. The quilting motifs chosen for each quilt work so well with the themes.

  4. You've chosen such fun stitching designs for each of these. Great job!

  5. How fun to quilt so different quilts! I love the bicycle theme, and the square quilting designs, it really looks like the movement of bicycle pedals ;)
    Thank you for sharing, and linking up!

  6. What a fun set of quilts these are! Love Susan's panel quilts - the border on the Halloween one, the simple but effective use of both the piano and bicycle fabrics - just make these quilts glow. Of course, the quilting patterns really make them come alive. Love Lynn's square-ish quilts - easy but effective. The Seuss trees are awesome.

  7. These are gorgeous, Nancy! Great quilting! I really love the piano/musical one and LOVE the border on the halloween quilt! Thanks for sharing on Monday Musings! That's a lot of quilting for one week!

  8. What a great selection of quilts. Very inspiring.
    Love the musical panto that you used.
    (Karen, Sunburnt Quilts.)


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