Friday, October 27, 2023

🌈RSC Fill-Ins

October's Rainbow Scrap Challenge (RSC) is light neutrals or assembly. Instead I worked on filling in colors so I have 60 blocks, enough for two throw-size quilts. I'm doing 6 x 6 postage stamp blocks using 2 1/2" squares from leftover bits as I'm cutting out quilts!
Here are my individual blocks, seven total this month. Check them out--I always enjoy hearing if we have any of the same prints!!!
A total of 12% of these prints came from Japan!🇯🇵 Less than usual!
My 2023 RSC block count, by month:
January:        Dark/Bright Blues        12 blocks
February:      Pink                               8 blocks
March:          Green                            4 blocks   
April:             Purple                           4 blocks
May:             Orange                          4 blocks
June:            Light Blue                      4 blocks
                     Light Green                   2 blocks
July:             Red                                5 blocks
August:        Yellow                            5 blocks
September:  Teal/Turquoise/Aqua     5 blocks
October:       Pink                               2 blocks
                    Orange                           1 block
                    Red                                1 block
                    Yellow                            1 block
                    Light Green                    1 block
                    Purple                            1 block
Total:                                               60 blocks
Here are my totals for 2023, in quantity order:

Dark/Bright Blues: 12
Pink: 10
Red: 6
Yellow: 6
Purple: 5
Orange: 5
Teal/Turquoise: 5
Dark/Medium Green: 4
Light Blue: 4 
Light Green: 3

See the colors for each month, and the Saturday link parties at Angela's blog: So Scrappy!!!


  1. Looking forward to seeing these two quilts put together! Love all the little fabric pieces. I have several of the Tula Pinks!

  2. With these 7 new blocks do you have enough made for two quilts now?

  3. Oh boy! It is sure fun to peruse your blocks looking for familiar fabrics! I found only one! A gold/yellow and gray honeycomb print in the 5th photo. I think that means that I had better use up what I have so I can justify some stash enhancement! LOL

  4. Those are so pretty, Nancy! I can't wait to see the beautiful quilts you make with all of the blocks. I found one that's in my stash (or was at one time, anyway!) - the white background with a grid and then some flowers. I wonder what I made out of that?!

  5. I saw 4 fabrics I’ve had at one time or another (3 being Kaffe/Tula fabrics)! Your blocks are so lovely and varied! Looking forward to seeing you assemble the quilts!!

  6. I saw a few - a tula pink, red/orange with with white stars, the gold with yellow many great fabrics. I can't wait to see your quilts - these are fabulous blocks.

  7. 60 blocks is a lot! Can't wait to see the quilts. And I love the little fox peeking out of the one block. I'm sure the finished quilts will be major "I Spy" opportunities!

  8. What a great bunch of "scrap" blocks you made over the year! Nope, I didn't see any. . .although I did have a few in a different color way!---TerryK@OnGoingProjects

  9. Love those postage stamp blocks - and yes, I see quite a few fabrics that are in my scraps too.

  10. I didn't see any matching fabrics this time. Although I'm pretty sure I had a different color way of the pink multi colored print under the sun. I enjoy looking at your squares to see what matches my collection. I should got out last year's blocks and put them together -- I'm falling behind for sure.

  11. What a great way to use scraps. And very smart to cut the pieces as you go. (Karen, Sunburnt Quilts.)

  12. Great scrapbusters and super cute!

  13. You have some fun scraps, they made some beautiful blocks.

  14. Cute prints! I love the fun pink coconut trees, foxes, wow these sewing items prints! What a lovely variety of pretty squares! I love your single purple block ;)
    These are going to be wonderful quilts!
    Thank you for sharing, and linking up!

  15. I love that you are so dedicated and committed to the RSC. :) Thanks for sharing your progress in the Sew & Tell party.

  16. Wow! What an amazing count on all your RSC blocks! I have 2 of those projects holed up in boxes left to finish! Well, at least right after a few of my other in progress quilts. You are so busy and productive! Kudos!

  17. You are doing an awesome job on your RSC blocks, Nancy. I look forward to seeing those two quilts! Thanks for linking up with Monday Musings.

  18. What a fun rainbow! And in one month ;) I am already excited to see how you mix them together (or not). Hope you will enjoy the puzzle-ing xo

  19. You are really making me want to make some sort of postage stamp patchwork, they look so sweet.

  20. Oh my goodness, these will make absolutely gorgeous quilts. Don't be surprised if it leads to a fight :-D Everyone will want them.


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