Friday, April 5, 2024


Here are two quilts I quilted this week that both have "amoeba" quilting!!!
Quilt Info #1:
Maker: Me!
Pattern: Dina from GE Designs
Size: 58" x 86"
Batting: Quilters Dream 80/20
Thread: Glide--Sky
Pantograph: Amoeba ⤵️ from Karlee Porter
This quilting is just called plain "Amoeba".⤴️⤵️ I love the curves and swirls to go with the straight and angular lines of the quilt pattern!
Interesting Info: Gudrun of GE Designs did a quilt along with the Dina pattern on February 13th of this year!!! This is my first time using Kaffe prints! I combined them with some modern plaids.
For backing, I used a large floral Japanese print, to go with the front florals!⤵️
This is my second Dina quilt. You can see my first one here and one I quilted for my Quiltin' Cousin Sue, here. I have at least two more Dina quilts coming up in the future, too!
Quilt Info #2:
Maker: Bonnie
Pattern: San Julian from Villa Rosa Designs
Size: 55" x 73"
Batting: Quilters Dream 100% Cotton Request
Thread: Glide--Graphite
Pantograph: Amoebas Gone Wild ⤵️ from Intelligent Quilting
A different quilting design, but more amoebas, "Amoebas Gone Wild", that is!⤴️⤵️
Interesting Info: This was a fat quarter bundle that Bonnie bought while on vacation!!!
Bonnie chose some swirly Minkee for backing!!!⤵️
Nice, cuddly quilt, Bonnie! A fun memory from your vacation!!!
Amoebas offer great quilting inspiration!!! Their curves are just what squares, angles and plaids need!!!


  1. Using the modern plaids with Kaffe fabric is perfect. I love Kaffe but this is a better balance in prints. So pretty. Also the other quilt with the plaid bundle is so pretty - her plaids are all so straight! That isn't always easy to achieve.

  2. Bonnies quilt looks so cuddly, it is flannel isn't it? A great guy quilt. I am getting anxious to get back to my stash, LOL.

    1. Yes, Bonnie's quilt is made of woven plaids that are flannel!!!

  3. Two fabulous finishes!!! Inspirational Amoebas - now that is something you don't hear often :-D

  4. Fun name for those quilting designs ;)) I love your Dina quilt, plaids are an elegant add, and Bonnie's quilt is also lovely. As you said, your quilting is the perfect fit to angles!
    Thank you for sharing these two pretty quilts!

  5. I too loved your Dina quilt I continue to be tempted by that pattern!!!I like the mix of Kaffe with your plaids. Well done!!!! TerryK@OnGoingProjects

  6. Your Dina quilt is a beauty, Nancy! I never know how to use the Kaffe prints, but they really worked in this quilt. Beautiful quilting on both projects, too. Happy Sunday!

  7. Your Dina quilt is gorgeous! I'm not usually a Kaffe fan, but they're put to good use in your quilt. The amoeba quilting on both quilts is fantastic.

  8. Your Dina quilt looks great. i have enjoyed seeing the different ones of these. This looks great in Kaffe fabrics.
    Great fabrics in the second quilt and the minkee on the back looks so warm!

  9. Hum, clever to name these Ameobas. I really like the Amoebas Gone Wild one. I consider it a stipple and I like it a lot better than the two stipples I have on my machine. Hum, I wonder if I should get it one of these days. Both quilts are great. The Dina one is cool with the slice of solid in each block.

  10. Both quilting designs are terrific! Love your Dina quilt with the Kaffe fabrics. Beautiful.

  11. I am in awe of your quilting designs and work. Something I have never tried my hand at.
    I visited you via Handmade Monday. My entries are Peppadew Burger Patties and Air Fryer Parmesan Crumbed Fried Pork Chops. Feel free to join SSPS Linkup M-S:

  12. You have made those Kaffe fabrics dance, Nancy! Such a gorgeous quilt! Loving too, the pretty plaid quilt. There is something cosy about a plaid quilt. Two lovely quilt finishes!

  13. Wow, Nancy! I love them both. I really love the Kaffe prints in your Dina quilt and the plaids in the other quilt look awesome! The quilting is perfect for each. Thanks for sharing with Monday Musings!

  14. Oh I love both, but especially the one with all the plaid fabrics. It looks like a scrappy quilt made form old shirts or something :-)


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