Wednesday, September 2, 2020

🌐 A Minnesota Quilt 🌐

Quilt maker: Quilter Bonnie
Size: 56" X 76"
Pattern: Adapted from Mr. Chillingsworth, a free panel quilt pattern
Batting: Quilters Dream Batting--80/20 White 
Thread: Glide--Sky
Quilting: Malachite by Patricia E. Ritter
Interesting Info: Quilter Bonnie made this quilt as a gift. It came together, from idea to finish, in about two week's time!
This quilting, "Malachite", reminds me of a topographic map. ⤴️ ⤵️
The star of this quilt is a panel that was designed for the 2020 Quilt Minnesota Shop Hop, which ran from July 31st through August 23rd, 2020. ⤵️
Supporting fabrics in this quilt were all part of the 2020 Quilt Minnesota Shop Hop fabric line, and include the state bird--loon, muskie, sunfish, pine needles, wild flowers, fur texture, ⤵️
the state flower--lady slipper, Minnesota sayings, such as "The North Star State" and "Land of 10,000 Lakes", plus more Minnesota animals. ⤵️ 
The word, "Minnesota" means "Land of Sky Blue Waters" in the Dakota language. Bonnie chose this mottled blue for the backing that well represents the sky blue waters of Minnesota. ⤵️
Beautiful quilt, Quilter Bonnie!!! The recipients will be blessed and comforted by it!

Grace and peace!!! ~Nancy 


  1. I love Bonnie’s quilt and the simple but fun choice of blocks to go around the panel. Malachite was a perfect choice for the quilting-and the back is stunning with your quilting and its reflection of Minnesota - land of sky blue waters.

  2. Lovely! And, you've given me something I hadn't even thought of to use a smaller panel.

  3. Another wonderful way to use a panel!

  4. As soon as I saw the quilt, I thoought "Bonnie's been at it again!" Haha! She does fantastic work. What a cool salute to our lovely Minnesota!

  5. That looks wonderful! I agree, that panto does look like a topo map.

  6. What a fun panel! I hadn't seen the 2020 MN fabrics; it's always fun to see fabric versions of MN wildlife. That design does look like topo maps and was a great choice!

  7. Thanks for all your help in putting this quilt together. I really couldn't have done it without you! I pray this gift will be a blessing and comfort to the recipients. Thanks for being a part of this.
    Quilter Bonnie

  8. What a great looking quilt! I love all of the outdoor fabrics used around the panel, and the quilting is a perfect design for this - well done.

  9. Such a lovely quilt commemorating Minnesota! I agree, the quilting pattern looks like map topography. I will be featuring this lovely quilt in this week’s Creative Compulsions.


  10. So much to love here! The fabrics are great with the panel. Your quilting choice is perfect. Thanks for sharing on Wednesday Wait Loss.

  11. The panel is so pretty and I love the quilting design. Thank you so much for linking up to Put your foot down.


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