Monday, March 15, 2021

Susanna's 🔘 Round Robin 🐦

This quilt was started in 2014 and has finally come out of the bag and is finished!!!
Quilt Info:
Maker: DD2/Susanna & members of Sioux Falls Quilters Guild
Size: 39" X 39"
Batting: Quilters Dream Poly
Thread: Glide--Khaki
Quilting Design: Blowing Pampas Grass from Legacy Quilting
Interesting Info:  This is a round robin that DD2 and I both participated in during 2014, when we lived near Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Five Sioux Falls Quilters, including DD2, worked on this quilt. I was in a different round robin group from DD2, so we did not work on each others quilts.

You can see how Susanna's quilt looked when it came out of the bag.⤵️ There were two things holding us back from finishing it: that bubble in the middle, and an extra wide flange border, the second fuchsia border in--it would get flipped back and forth by my longarm if I tried to quilt it with that flange in place.
Susanna started out her round robin quilt with a "Swoon" quilt block. There are several links to Swoon patterns here. Susanna's version finishes at 8" and is made with Tula Pink fabrics and some Fossil Fern. ⤵️
The second round includes seven yo-yos. I had to remove the yo-yos before quilting and then I reattached them after quilting. Fortunately there were only seven! ⤵️
The third round includes four cornerstones of hand stitched clam shells!!! It mimics the fabric Susanna used in the center of her Swoon block but is hand pieced using Tula Pink fabrics! ⤵️ 
The fourth round is white with rectangles hand appliqued on. ⤵️
The fifth and final round includes 2" squares surrounded by fuchsia on either side. When sewing the rounds back on, I pressed the flange flat and applied it like it was another border round. It's the inner of the two fuchsia borders below. You might notice the similar color of fabric I pieced into the two fuchsia borders, as I needed more length to flatten the quilt out.⤵️
For the back, I pieced together some 30's fabrics that I had on hand, and added a hanging sleeve. ⤵️
After getting this round robin put back together, nice and flat, and piecing together the backing, it was time for some quilting! I found this fun clam shell design, called Blowing Pampas Grass, mimicking the clam shells in the quilt. It also resembles a Japanese sashiko design! ⤵️
I was so glad to get this taken apart, put back together, quilted, bound and finished! Now, you might be interested in seeing what my round robin quilt looks like, made at the same time, in 2014. 

My quilt looked pretty much like Susanna's did, out of the bag! Medallion quilts have that tendency. I spent 6 hours one Saturday afternoon, about 5 years ago (before I blogged) taking my quilt apart and putting it back together, along with piecing in extra bits to extend the rows and make it flat. My round robin is mainly Basic Grey fabrics, plus a lot of orange! It is a wonderful memory of our Sioux Falls Quilters friends! ⤵️
Now, back to Susanna's round robin. Here it is all finished. 
And here it is hanging up in our home. Susanna doesn't know I've been working on this, so it will be a surprise for her! Hopefully she'll be able to take it to her home and hang it up there.
Thanks for following along with this quilt story! And to Susanna, surprise!!!

Grace and peace!!! ~Nancy


  1. I started quilting my SAHRR for this year. I love both of the ones you showcased today!

  2. What a great finish for Susanna! I am sure she will be thrilled.

  3. I can see Susanna smiling her lovely smile over this quilt! Yours turned out really pretty as well. Fun post!

  4. What a fun tale and a great way of dealing with an old UFO. I love them both, but I really love the Pampas Grass - I used a similar quilting pattern not too long ago and really like the way it looks on quilts!

  5. I haven't been involved in a round robin for ages. This is lovely to see. Great to have it finished and ready to hang. What a lovely surprise.

  6. These round robins are so gorgeous. I love a quilt that grows one idea at a time.

  7. The colors are so bright and cheerful. Since your quilt had been marinating since 2014, I am sure the magic is in the marinade that makes the colors pop! Must attach yo-yos AFTER quilting. Good tip - Noted.

    1. Thank you for the info on the block! They are both beautiful!!!!! Hugs

  8. SEW sweet of you to finish off your daughter's Round Robin quilt, Nancy!! Beautifully done.

  9. A beautiful finish! I especially like the little pop of yo-yos! (a first comment may have gone through unfinished--sorry!)

  10. What a lovely surprise! And what patience to take that apart and fix it. Love the quilting pattern you chose. Thanks for sharing on Wednesday Wait Loss.

  11. So glad you were able to put all that extra work into getting this quilted and ready for hanging. What a sweet surprise for Susanna. :-)

  12. What a labor of love to redo the quilt. It looks beautiful with your care and quilting. I’m sure it will really be appreciated.


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