Tuesday, March 30, 2021

💜Purple 4-Patch⊞

Here's my 6th and last quilt of Yokii's to share with you, all quilted and ready to be gifted!!!
Quilt Info:
Maker: Yokii in Tokyo, Japan
Size: 40" X 46"
Batting: Quilters Dream 100% Cotton Request
Thread: Glide--Lavender
Quilting: Doodlebug from Urban Elementz
Interesting Info: Yokii asked that I finish this and gift it to our granddaughter! She remembers our daughter from when we lived in Tokyo and wanted to make a quilt for her baby.
Our daughter and SIL are big dog lovers and have two cute terrier type dogs, so I quilted it with "Doodlebug", a cute puppy pantograph, with balls and bones and loops!⤴️⤵️
For backing, I picked out this super soft Minkee that honestly feels as soft as real mink fur!!!⤵️
Minkee self-binding is so easy--trim batting next to quilt top, cut Minkee 1 3/4" away from the quilt top, turn under twice and top stitch! The edge of the quilt is super soft, too!!!
It's on it's way to our DD1, SIL, and granddaughter!!! I'm sure they will love it, Yokii!! Thank you!!!
Now, this is the sixth and last quilt I finished for Yokii! Here are all 6 quilts together!!!⤴️ Great job, Yokii! Keep on quilting!!!

Grace and peace!!! ~Nancy


  1. Nancy what a great bundle of quilts! I do love that Minky, but have always been afraid to try it. Might need to venture out.

  2. Wow, pretty quilts!Great to see them all together ;) The last one looks very cozy!

  3. All so bright and pretty. How nice that Yokii wanted to gift a quilt to your daughter. Yokii made some very pretty quilts!

  4. I am fascinated with your Minky self-binding method, Nancy. For that method to work, you can't stitch your pantograph off the edges of your quilt top, can you? I haven't loaded Minky on my frame yet, but I have the perfect charity top coming to me from another guild member that I'm planning to try it on. How kind of Yokii to make a quilt for your granddaughter.

    1. You're right, Rebecca, I make my panto stop at the edge of the quilt, not run off the edge.

  5. Hi,
    Beautiful Quilts....really like the purple
    one...have a great day!

  6. What pretty little quilts you and Yokii have finished together! Love that she thought of your daughter. That was sweet. Thanks for sharing on Wednesday Wait Loss.

  7. That does make the quilt very special. And very thoughtful. The minky must be so soft. Love the quilting design as well.


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