Sunday, August 1, 2021

🍬More Dandy Candy 🍬

These Dandy Candy table runners weren't all made by me, but the fabrics all came from my "collection"!!!
Quilt Info:
Makers, left to right: Quilter Bonnie, Piper, Funky Susanna, mine & mine!
Pattern: Dandy Candy from Pieced Tree Patterns
Size: 12" X 37"
Interesting Info: This pattern comes as a laminated card. I've made five myself, including this one which is a store sample for the current Quilt Minnesota Shop Hop.

The first one is made by Quilter Bonnie. ⤵️ I gave her some of my Tula Pink scraps for her birthday and she made this colorful table runner! 
Next is this Japanese version pieced and quilted by Piper. ⤵️ It turns out this is a great starter pattern for learning to make quilts! DD2 is teaching Piper how to quilt. She picked Japanese fabrics from my collection. I love how she lined the colors up in rows!!! She even quilted it herself by doing stitch in the ditch with a walking foot!
DD2, Funky Susanna, thought she would make one, too, while teaching Piper to make hers. These are some of her favorite fabrics and colors! ⤵️
This one is mine.⤵️ I blogged about it previously, here. Yes, mine and Quilter Bonnie's are very similar!!! Different backings. 
Here's my latest one.⤵️ It's made from leftover bits of this one that I made for the Quilt Minnesota Shop Hop.
If you want a fast and fun table runner to make, or to teach someone how to make quilts, this is a great pattern!!!
Check out the hummingbird on the feeder, too!!!⤴️

Grace and peace!!! ~Nancy


  1. What fun table runners from your fabric collection! It is neat to see the variety. Thank you for gifting my Dandy Candy "kit" for my birthday. I love it! I recognize that owl backing fabric on your runner, cute! How did you stage the hummingbird in your picture!
    Quilter Bonnie

    1. I had to wait very patiently to get the hummingbird in the photo, too!!! And then take quite a few photos. In a lot of the photos, the hummingbird was just a glint of light!!!

  2. Those runners really do look like candy when all lined up together!

  3. Those are great runners, Nancy! The pattern looks like it would be fast and fun. SEW sweet of you to share your fabric stash for the project!

  4. That is a great pattern for any variety of colors and prints! Looks perfect for teaching someone to sew, too. I love your parade of tablerunners, Nancy!

  5. It’s a great pattern even for a more experienced quilter! I loved making it. Mine is on my buffet as I write this. I’ll definitely make it again!

  6. Great pattern and beautiful fabrics!!

  7. Love that you caught the hummingbird in the photo of them all. Ahh, great eye candy here Nancy!

  8. Great collection of table runners here, Nancy !!

  9. Nancy what a great bunch of runners. Runners are on my to do list. I need a few more!

  10. This goes to show how any colour and fabric design works well in this pattern
    What a great collection.

  11. Wow love all of them. They look beautiful and it's perfect for scrap busting projects!

  12. So fun to see you take one pattern and run with it. They are all so fun! Might have to dig out my Tula scraps and make something!

  13. As much as I love these cheerful runners in bright colors, I am supremely impressed by your hummingbird model. How did you get the little bird to pose for you?

  14. Lovely runners, what a fun use of one pattern and one collection! Well done with the little speedy bird too 😉
    Thank you for sharing and linking up ❤️


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